5 Fiery J-Dramas To Chase Away Autumn's Chill

With the daytime temperatures steadily dropping and the nights becoming even chillier, it would seem autumn has arrived at last. While it may be impossible to escape the inevitable approach of winter, we’ve found some truly fantastic ways to cope with a handful of fiery J-dramas are guaranteed to turn up the heat.

1. “Love is Phantom”

Everyone knows that when it comes to dramas, it’s not uncommon for the leading lady to be pretty inexperienced when it comes to love. So it’s no surprise that this drama’s heroine is next to clueless on the subject. What makes “Love is Phantom” stand out is the fact that our leading lady learns pretty darn quickly just how spicy a new romance can be. After all, it’s not everyday you run into a handsome stranger on a hotel roof at midnight and it’s even less common that you start making out with said stranger three seconds later. If that’s not a meet-cute that gets your blood pumping, I don’t know what is! Of course, this mystery meeting is only the beginning of the fun.

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2. “Double Fantasy”

Some dramas are made to be cute and fluffy, while others take a more serious, mature turn. Without a doubt, this drama is one of the latter. Trapped in a marriage that feels like it’s slowly suffocating her, a popular screenwriter decides enough is enough. Walking away from the role society expects her to play, our leading lady heads for Tokyo, to start living life on her own terms. Allowing herself to indulge in pleasures she’s long been denied, our heroine embraces her new life with wild abandon. While the question of whether she’s truly happy is always lurking in the background, it’s refreshing to see a woman free herself from the shackles society has placed on her and truly embrace living for no one but herself. While this drama may not be for everyone, I, for one, am here for it.

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3. “A Man Who Defies the World of BL”

What would you do if you woke up one day and were suddenly aware of the fact that you were actually living in a make-believe world? Well, if you’re the hero of this next drama, you’d find every way possible to avoid falling into the endless tropes that plague your entire existence. Living in a world where everything is dictated by the laws of boy love mangas, our hero has made it his life’s mission to never give into the temptations surrounding him. Watching in horror as his younger brother falls for one of his classmates, our hero’s determination to resist only gets stronger. But even as he vows to never give in, his heart begins to waver the moment that one special someone walks into his life. The giggles while watching this drama are never-ending because really, what could be more adorable than watching a boy who only ever says “no,” slowly finding himself wishing he could say “yes”?

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4. “Black Cinderella”

If you’ve ever felt like a background character in your own life, then you’re going to be able to relate really well to the heroine in this next drama. About as average as they come, our plucky little high school heroine struggles daily with what boils down to some pretty serious self-love issues. Those issues come into play on a whole new level the moment she realizes she’s somehow attracted the attention of not just one handsome high school prince, but two. As if trying to figure out the mysteries of high school boys wasn’t hard enough, an unexpected mishap puts a damper on one of her biggest life-long dreams. Everyone knows high school life is nothing short of cuckoo bananas, and as such, our heroine has a time trying to figure things out. But with a prince on each arm and a dream in her heart, she’s sure to come out alright. Eventually.

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5. “PIPLE: My Married Life With an AI”

What do you get when you cross a lonely man with no romantic prospects with an AI woman designed to fulfill her owner’s every desire? Trust me when I say, the answer is not what you think. Absolutely giddy over his new purchase, our desperate hero brings home a gorgeous new AI bride (because obviously, in the future, it’s going to be totally okay to marry a robot) and dives right into the AI ownership thing. Unfortunately for him, he kind of flubs the initial setup, which means the moment he tries to make the moves on his new sweetie, she shuts him down cold. Clearly, that’s not the response any man wants from his new bride, so what’s our hero to do? Get creative, of course! But how do you woo a bride when she doesn’t technically have a heart to begin with? All I can say is that our hero has his work cut out for him.

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So now that you’ve had a chance to watch one, or two, or dare I say all, of these fiery J-dramas, I have to know, which one (or ones) set your heart a-pounding? Let me know in the comments below!

Leah is a freelance writer who has spent the past decade lost in the Wonderland that is Asian pop culture and entertainment.

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