9 Male/Female K-Pop Collabs With Top Notch Chemistry

Whenever we get a collab in the K-pop world, it’s bound to be amazing! With a mix of artists’ distinct sounds and styles, there’s something special about a track shared between stars.

Here are some of many male/female K-pop collabs with iconic chemistry:


This song has gained massive popularity for a reason – not only is it a collab between two soloists who are stars in their own right, but the chemistry between the two is undeniable. The song is catchy and cool at the same time, not to mention the memorable styling and stage performances! Here’s to hoping that we get more from HyunA and Dawn in the future.

2. TXT – “0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” feat. Seori

You’d be hard-pressed to find a K-pop stan that hasn’t heard this one! It was one of the songs of the summer, especially thanks to featuring artist Seori’s gorgeous vocals. Her voice meshes perfectly with those of the TXT members, and this song was the perfect way for the group to branch out into yet another music genre. What is there that TXT can’t do?!

3. Younha – “WINTER FLOWER” feat. RM

This track kind of flew under the radar in terms of BTS collabs, but it totally deserves to be hyped. Younha’s vocals are unmatched, and RM’s rougher-sounding rap somehow manages to complement her sweet, pure sound flawlessly. If you’ve never heard “Winter Flower” before, you’d better watch out – it’s about to be on repeat!

4. Lee Hi – “NO ONE” feat. B.I

This song was an immediate hit when it was released in the summer of 2019, and the beat is so addictive that it’s not hard to see why. The reggae-esque sound combined with Lee Hi’s unique vocal quality and B.I’s smooth rap are what make this track stand out in the K-pop world, and it’s a song probably only these two artists could pull off so well.

5. Suzy and Baekhyun – “Dream”

“Dream” is a collab between two iconic artists and is the stuff of smooth jazz dreams. Suzy’s and Baekhyun’s voices complement each other so perfectly that it’s hard to believe that they aren’t in a group together in the first place, and it’s a pity that they haven’t released another song since this one. Keep an eye out for the vocal ad-libs that really make this track special!

6. Dowoon and Song Heejin – “Out of the Blue”

Another K-pop piece with some jazzy vibes, Dowoon of DAY6 just recently released “Out of the Blue” with Song Heejin as his first solo track. It’s smooth, it’s sweet, but most importantly, it’s a super catchy song. The DAY6 members have been killing it with the solo tracks recently, so keep an eye out for their activities as a group and individually. You don’t want to miss out!

7. IU – “Palette” feat. G-Dragon

Speaking of iconic artists, you might have a hard time finding two soloists more synonymous with K-pop than IU and G-Dragon. IU has done a number of collabs (another one of which is coming up on this list), but this one totally stands the test of time. G-Dragon did a great job of matching his melodic rap with IU’s light, pure sound, creating an instant classic.

8. Tzuyu – “ME!” cover feat. Bang Chan

It’s a shame this cover isn’t available on all platforms, because it’s equal parts adorable and catchy! Originally sung by Taylor Swift and Brendan Urie, Tzuyu’s and Bang Chan’s voices fit together in their version of the hit song just as perfectly. Plus, the music video is just so undeniably cute that it’s impossible not to love this one!

9. IU – “eight” feat. Suga

There’s only one word to describe this song – stunning. Produced by and featuring Suga of BTS, the melody and lyrics of this track are so gorgeous that it’s impossible to stop listening no matter what your mood. With IU’s perfect vocals and Suga’s crisp, rhythmic rap section, this song is destined to become a K-pop classic if it isn’t already considered one.

Can you think of some other collabs that deserve the hype? Comment below!

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