Kwak Si Yang Talks About Finding Inspiration From Lee Jung Jae For

Actor Kwak Si Yang participated in an interview where he discussed his role in SBS’s “Lovers of the Red Sky”!

“Lovers of the Red Sky” aired its final episode on October 26. Kwak Si Yang expressed his gratitude for the viewers as he commented, “While filming I had the feeling that the drama would be really interesting, and I worked hard to prepare for it so I was secretly expecting a lot. Thanks to all of the love that so many people gave to the drama, it was able to come to a meaningful end. Thank you.”

The final episode of “Lovers of the Red Sky” recorded average nationwide viewership ratings of 10.4 percent, setting a personal best for the drama. When asked about the secret to the drama’s success, Kwak Si Yang said, “I think the roles played by the lovely Kim Yoo Jung and the cool Ahn Hyo Seop were the biggest factor. I think it was popular because the actors really brought out the unique personalities of their roles and because many people were interested in the story.”

Kwak Si Yang said that the atmosphere on set was especially enjoyable. “There were plenty of times where I stood watching from afar with a fatherly smile,” he reminisced. “Kim Yoo Jung was the mood maker on set. The atmosphere became brighter whenever she arrived. She was really easygoing and would readily approach people first, so the set was fun and full of energy.”

The actor also commented on working with the other cast members, including Ahn Hyo Seop and Gong Myung. He shared, “Since I’ve lived with Ahn Hyo Seop before, we’re close and know a lot about each other. Throughout filming, I was really thankful to Gong Myung for various reasons. Since we got closer, I think we were able to have even better teamwork.”

Kwak Si Yang played the role of Prince Juhyang, a character who had a thirst for power. The actor shared that Prince Juhyang was a role he had really wanted to try, elaborating, “Although there was some pressure due to the character being based off of Prince Suyang, I thought it would be a role I would be able to show a lot of things through. I also really wanted to work with director Jang Tae Yoo.”

Kwak Si Yang revealed that in order to prepare for his role, he had various discussions about visual aspects such as where the wound makeup should be applied and what color of outfit would best exude a villainous aura.

He also found inspiration from Lee Jung Jae’s performance of Prince Suyang in the film “The Face Reader,” saying, “Lee Jung Jae’s portrayal of Prince Suyang was very cool and left a deep impression, so I worked hard to bring some aspects of his acting to my own role.”

As for what aspect of Lee Jung Jae’s acting he most wanted to emulate, Kwak Si Yang pinpointed his refined aura, likening the actor to a tiger. He conceded, “How could I even follow in his footsteps. I still have much to learn, and I want to resemble and learn from him.”

Kwak Si Yang is set to appear in “IDOL: The Coup,” an upcoming JTBC drama about idols who have failed to reach stardom and are struggling to let go of their unachieved dreams. Sharing his impression of his new role, he commented, “I think I’ll be able to show off a different sort of cold aura compared to Prince Juhyang. I’ll be able to show everyone a really interesting character.”

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