Watch: Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, And GOT7's Jinyoung Are Affectionate And Playful While Filming Final Scenes For

tvN’s “Yumi’s Cells” released a behind-the-scenes look at the final episodes!

On October 30, “Yumi’s Cells” aired its season finale, raising anticipation for the next season. The new making-of video begins with Kim Go Eun’s stomach growling in the middle of filming. GOT7’s Jinyoung comments, “I thought I heard wrong. It was somewhat cute. It felt a little like you were upset.” In order to connect his scenes together, Jinyoung asks the staff to help him check the pose he ended the previous scene on. Confused after realizing it was a pose with his hand on his neck, Jinyoung comments, “My neck must have been itchy. This is really artificial.”

Before filming, Kim Go Eun goes to Ahn Bo Hyun to steal candy from him. She starts begging and makes Ahn Bo Hyun flustered before taking the candy. The two actors also show off stickers of Yumi’s cells on their cellphones. Kim Go Eun pretends to behave well for the making-of camera, so Ahn Bo Hyun tells her, “Please just behave normally.” Kim Go Eun continues to act confused, asking, “What’s wrong, Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun)? Woong, aren’t you tired?” However, she later adds that Woong will end up living with regrets due to his breakup with Yumi.

Yoon Yoo Sun and Sung Ji Roo prepare for their first scene together with Kim Go Eun, who’s happy to arrive on set wearing comfortable clothing. The three of them act like a close family despite it being their first time all together, and they film without too many hiccups even though Kim Go Eun has to continue eating nonstop throughout the scene.

During the filming outdoors, Kim Go Eun has great focus despite the weird noises in the background. After she finishes filming, Kim Go Eun quickly scratches her face where a bug flew by, and Ahn Bo Hyun sweetly checks on her face for her.

In the final clip, Kim Go Eun laughs as she affectionately smooths Ahn Bo Hyun’s hair after seeing it tied up. He shyly asks the director if his hairstyle is weird, but the director compliments him. Ahn Bo Hyun gifts Kim Go Eun a four-leaf clover, and Kim Go Eun overreacts and brags, “Woong found this for me! Woong, thank you. Our Woong is the best!” Ahn Bo Hyun sarcastically comments, “She’s behaving just like the usual, right?” However, Kim Go Eun eventually motions to end the scene, looking completely uninterested in the gift as she nonchalantly thanks Ahn Bo Hyun and leaves the set—making everyone laugh in the process.

Watch the full making-of video below!

If you haven’t already, check out the first season of “Yumi’s Cells” with subtitles below:

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