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tvN’s upcoming drama “Melancholia” released a new highlight clip!

“Melancholia” is a new drama set in a private school rife with corruption. It stars Im Soo Jung as a passionate math teacher named Ji Yoon Soo and Lee Do Hyun as a former math prodigy named Baek Seung Yoo as they fight to overcome social conventions and prejudices together.

The new preview begins with a coincidental meeting between Ji Yoon Soo and Baek Seung Yoo on a train. After looking through Baek Seung Yoo’s camera, Ji Yoon Soo comments, “There were a lot of fun pictures. Do you perhaps like math?”

Baek Seung Yoo mentions the tote bags which might have gotten switched when they dropped them on the train. Ji Yoon Soo confirms, “That’s right. It’s that tote bag. You’re a student from Ahseong high school, aren’t you?” In the background, someone explains that Baek Seung Yoo is a math genius who once attended MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) when he was only 10 years old. As viewers question what could have happened to him since then, the clip shows Baek Seung Yoo cowering in fear as a storm rages on outside.

Ji Yoon Soo and Baek Seung Yoo meet again, and Ji Yoon Soo suggests, “Do it with me—math.” However, Baek Seung Yoo only asks, “Why should I?” Ji Yoon Soo replies, “It’s not because your talent is special, it’s because the way you see the world with an eye for math is special.”

She continues, “Can you promise me one thing? Don’t fall in love with this problem.” The two attend a college math lecture together, but Baek Seung Yoo seems preoccupied looking at Ji Yoon Soo. He questions, “Then why do mathematicians have to continuously solve and prove?” Ji Yoon Soo replies, “Isn’t it because of the moments of nervousness, excitement, and worry they feel while immersing themselves in solving the problem?”

Sung Ye Rin (Woo Davi) confronts Baek Seung Yoo and yells, “You said you wouldn’t compete. Keep your promise!” However, Baek Seung Yoo replies, “I don’t think I can keep that promise now. I want to become a slightly better person.” Sung Ye Rin watches Baek Seung Yoo studying with Ji Yoon Soo, and she crumples her work in frustration. She asks, “Is it because of the teacher?”

Unfortunately, trouble seems to ensue as Ji Yoon Soo gets led away by the police. Baek Seung Yoo comes barging in and states, “I’ll prove it. I’ll end up proving it.” As the two stand together beneath one umbrella, Baek Seung Yoo asks, “What do I do? What do I do when I meet a problem I can’t help but love and want to solve like crazy?”

Watch the full highlight clip below!

Although “Melancholia” was originally scheduled to premiere on November 3, the premiere date was pushed back to November 10 after one of the production staff tested positive for COVID-19.

“Melancholia” will be available on Viki. Check out a trailer below!

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