Lovelyz Members Share Handwritten Letters Following News Of Departure From Woollim Entertainment

The members of Lovelyz each handwrote letters to their fans Lovelinus.

Earlier in the day on November 1, Woollim Entertainment announced that the seven members Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong, and Yein will be leaving the company after their contracts expire on November 16, 2021. Only Baby Soul has renewed her contract.

Read the Lovelyz members’ letters below:

Baby Soul

Hello. This is Baby Soul, Lee Soojung.
I sincerely thank everyone for all of the love I’ve received while promoting as Lovelyz for seven years since 2014.

After much deliberation and conversation with the members and the company about Lovelyz’s future, I have decided to continue on with Woollim Entertainment, which has trusted in me and protected me for the past 10 years.

I sincerely hope that you will warmly support not only the decision that I made, but also our members who will each embark on a new start in different places.

I will also work hard to show a better side of me as Baby Soul, a new Lee Soojung, so please look over me and show lots of support.

Our fans, always be healthy, and although I could not share good news with you, I wish that the lives of everyone reading this will be full of happiness. At all times, as I always have, I sincerely thank you.


Hello. This is Lovelyz’s Jiae.
At this time of the year, I always greeted you in a good mood, and it pains me to have to share a somewhat heavy piece of news this time.
It seems like just yesterday that I debuted, but seven years have passed, and it truly doesn’t feel real that I’m sharing the news of my departure from Woollim, which I’ve been part of for almost 12 years.
Once again, I thank our Lovelinus for showing such beautiful love to the eight of us at a beautiful age. It was thanks to the times you pat my back and consoled me whenever I had a hard time that I was able to make it this far. And to our Lovelyz and Woollim family, who are like another family and home to me, I sincerely thank you.
I think I’ve always worked hard to become an artist that is respectable to Lovelinus! Because I want to show you the better sides that I have, I am going to take on a new challenge.
I have a heavy heart thinking of our Lovelinus who will be very upset, but please support the new path that I, Yoo Jiae will take from now on.
Finally, I hope that the days we spent together always gave you strength and made you happy!
We will show you what we can in each of our own positions to return the immense amount of love that we could not repay yet, so please look forward to and stay with our Lovelyz and me, Yoo Jiae.
This has been Lovelyz! I love you!


Linus, it’s Jisoo.
I only wanted to share happy news with Linus, and it worries me to think that you might be very surprised.
After much deliberation, I hope decided to end my contract with Woollim Entertainment, which I have been part of for seven years as Lovelyz and almost nine years including my trainee years.
However, I want to tell you that Lovelyz will continue to stay together.
So… I hope you won’t be too sad.
I’ll say more in a separate message soon.
Thank you so much, and I love you.


Hello. This is Lovelyz’s Mijoo.
Our Lovelinus, who cared for, loved, and cheered for Lovelyz for seven years, I’m genuinely so thankful..
It was because Lovelinus was there that we Lovelyz were able to gain energy and promote happily.
Whenever we were happy, sad, or tired, you were always next to us rejoicing, being sad, and asking us, “Are you okay?” and cheering us on. Thank you so much..
To me, Lovelyz and Lovelinus are a huge gift and fortune that I’ll never find in my life again.
Writing this letter, it hurts my heart to think of the many Lovelinus feeling upset and worried while reading this..
We Lovelyz will each go our own ways, but I think that we will always be one.
Our Lovelinus.. thank you for giving us so many shining, amazing memories.
Please continue to support and love Lovelyz in the future.
I’m so sorry and thankful, and I love you.
It must have been hard until now, but our Lovelyz who endured it well, I love you so much. We’re one forever!!
I really thank you and love you.
Lee Soojung, Yoo Jiae, Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo, Kim Jiyeon, Park Myungeun, Ryu Sujeong, Jung Yein!!


Hello. This is Lovelyz’s Kei.
It’s been a long time since I’ve greeted Lovelinus through a handwritten letter like this.
My heart is heavy, and I don’t know what I should say first, but I’ll write each letter one by one with a nervous heart.
First, I would like to take a new start while treasuring the memories I made with all of you.
After making my debut in November 2014 as I had dreamed, I made so many memories with you, and they were moments I will never forget.
I was truly able to learn a lot and grow like this thanks to the love and support of Lovelinus.
When all I thought about was going forward and working hard because I felt like I was still lacking, you made me realize, “I’m someone who can be loved like this,” and became a warm source of consolation and comfort.
I was happiest on stage, and I sincerely thank our Lovelinus who made me shine brighter on stage.
I will do my best to repay the love through good songs and good stages.
Lastly, I thank Woollim for making me who I am today, and I also want to thank our members who have been together for a long time and cried, laughed, and experienced a lot of things during that time.
Once again, I miss you, our Lovelinus, and I love you.
Thank you.


Dear my love Lovelinus,

Hello, this is Lovelyz’s Jin.
I’m writing this letter because there’s something I would like to genuinely say to our Lovelinus, who have cherished and loved me more than anyone.
It makes my heart heavy to think of the fans who will be sad to hear this news, but I really wanted to tell this you through my letter first before any article, so I’m mustering up my courage and sharing what I have to say.
On November 12, 2014, I debuted as Lovelyz and received lots of love from very many people.
I was given a gift in the form of memories that I would not give up for anything.
The fans who thanked us instead and said that our music was a source of strength to them, the fans who sent us unconditional love and support and said they were always on our side, I think it was thanks to those people that I was able to keep singing until now.
I would like to take this chance to once again thank everyone who cheered for Lovelyz and me.
I have now turned 26 after starting my life as a trainee at the age of 16, and after a long time of contemplating and contemplating again, I have decided to leave Woollim Entertainment, where I’ve stayed for 10 years, wrap up my activities as Lovelyz’s Jin, and head on a new path.
I will cherish and never forget the warm hearts you’ve shown me.
If there comes a day when I stand in front of Lovelinus again, I will try to appear as a more mature and advanced version of myself so that I can repay the love I received even just a little.
To CEO Lee Joong Yeop, who took me in when I was a young, lacking girl who knew nothing but the fact that she wanted to sing in her life and allowed me to meet the group Lovelyz, to the company employees who worked day and night behind the scenes to make me who I am now, and to other staff members, thank you very much.
Lastly, my seven best friends, family members, and colleagues Lovelyz, who cried, laughed, and protected each other’s ways for the past few years! Thank you, I’m sorry, and I love you. In each of your new lives that will unfold from now on, I will cheer for you with the loudest voice.
The weather has gotten so cold that we must wear several layers of clothing. Lovelinus, take care of your health and be careful not to catch a cold! I really, really love you. – Lovelyz Jin –


Hello, this is Ryu Sujeong.
I still remember the time I first stood on stage and the day the name Lovelinus was first decided so clearly that I can’t believe it’s already been seven years since we’ve been promoting as Lovelyz. In my heart, I still feel like I’m in my third year since debut, but it’s already time to tell you that my contract has expired. My heart feels heavy as I say goodbye to Woollim Entertainment, my first company and one I’ve been part of for nine years from my trainee days to my days as Lovelyz.
I really want to thank the Woollim family. I learned a lot at Woollim, met the members I love, and shared emotions that I can’t express in words!
And Lovelinus, thank you so much for being with Lovelyz and building warm memories with us for seven years. I really wanted to tell you that I could persevere thanks to Lovelinus. Our feelings, our time together, I’ll never be able to forget them, and I won’t forget them. I love you forever.
To me, Lovelyz is a dream in itself, and I hope that it will stay not only in my heart, but also in the hearts of Lovelinus today, tomorrow, and forever like a dream that visits you every night. And I hope that we can greet you again as Lovelyz when the time is right.
No matter how many times I organize my letter, it saddens me that I can’t convey all of my emotions. If there’s anything I haven’t been able to say, I’ll come to you again in the future. Once again, I thank everyone who supported Lovelyz.


Dear, precious Lovelinus

Hello! It’s Yein!
I’m reminded of the day I first introduced myself to our fans.
The many precious moments I wouldn’t have been able to experience if it wasn’t for Lovelyz suddenly flash before my eyes. The time that I thought would last forever have passed by, and the time to say goodbye to my current company has approached. I have had several conversations with the members and the company. I have also spoken a lot with my inner self that lies deep within me, which I have not been able to take care of until now.
After much deliberation, I have decided to depart with Woollim Entertainment, which I have stayed with for seven years. It was a place that warmed my heart when I thought of it.
To my 17-year-old self who didn’t know anything and was lacking in many ways, the company was a family, a home, and a reliable fence. Thinking of leaving that place and becoming independent makes me both concerned and afraid.
But because I have my reliable Lovelinus and Lovelyz members, I was able to make that decision, and I would like to muster up my courage to slowly take one step at a time towards new challenges.
I would like to begin that challenge with Lovelinus.

Every moment was enjoyable, precious, and one that I’m thankful for, so much so that I would not be able to respond if I was asked, “Which moment is most memorable to you?” Thank you, CEO Lee Joong Yeop for letting me experience those moments. And Lovelinus, who made those precious seven years even more worthwhile, I’m so thankful that the phrase ‘thank you’ feels too small.

Lovelyz will continue to be with Lovelinus from our respective places.
As Lovelyz’s maknae, and as Jung Yein, I will diligently walk forward.
Thank you for taking my hand and joining me despite my flaws, Lovelinus.

Good luck to the members in their new endeavors!

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