All 5 Korean Members Of ONF To Enlist In Military Together

ONF has announced that all five of its Korean members will be enlisting in the military together.

On November 2, ONF’s leaders Hyojin and J-Us shared handwritten letters in which they revealed that the group’s Korean members had decided to all fulfill their mandatory military service at the same time, in order to minimize their hiatus.

With the exception of U, who is Japanese, all of the other ONF members—Hyojin, J-Us, E-Tion, Wyatt, and MK—will be enlisting in December.

J-Us’s full letter is as follows:

To our beloved FUSE [ONF’s official fan club],

Hello, this is ONF’s J-Us.

There’s still over a month left, but because I thought that we needed to let FUSE know first before anyone else, and hoping that our hearts will be conveyed even the slightest bit, I’ve picked up a pen and am writing this letter as the leader of ONF’s OFF team.

We, ONF, debuted on August 3, 2017, and four years and three months have passed from then until now. And after many, many conversations, we, ONF, have decided to enlist in the military together.

Although I think our FUSE will be very sad, we made the decision to enlist together because we wanted to stay together as six members and because we wanted to sing together for a longer time.

Because we made this decision out of the sincere desire to return as quickly as possible and see each and every one of your faces for a long time, I trust that FUSE will also understand how we feel. While waiting for the not-so-distant future that we will create together with FUSE, I promise that we will come back healthy.

Since there’s still a month left until our enlistment, I hope that rather than be sad, we can make lots of happy memories during that time and remember those memories as we cheer each other on in the future!
Because there’s still many days left for us!

Looking back on the time from our debut until now, time passed by more quickly than I’d expected, and I believe that ONF is becoming more mature as that time passes. And during that time, our members are also continuing to build a friendship that’s unparalleled in how tight-knit it is, so I hope that FUSE’s feelings towards us won’t change and that you will stay healthy up until the day we meet again. We will also come back safe and healthy.

I worried about how to say these words, but writing them like this now… as I think of FUSE, I’m getting emotional myself.

But since we still have time left, FUSE, I hope that we can make lots more happy memories for each other during that time!

I’m always grateful to FUSE, and let’s cheer each other on with our whole hearts and meet again no matter what.

I love you, FUSE!

From J-Us, who thinks a lot about FUSE.

Meanwhile, Hyojin’s full letter is as follows:

Hello, FUSE, this is ONF’s ON team leader Hyojin.

While we were promoting, I was always thinking about the fact that it wouldn’t be long until I had to say these words, and every day, I hoped that time would pass a bit more slowly. But time passed so quickly, and in the blink of an eye, the day that I must say these words to FUSE has arrived.

Even in the moment that I’m writing these words, I feel so sad and regretful. With the exception of U, the remaining members of ONF have decided to all enlist in the military together at the end of this year in order to fulfill our duty to the nation. Out of the desire to meet FUSE as quickly as possible as a full group, the ONF members made this decision after worrying and discussing [the matter] for a long time, and I hope that these feelings of ours will be conveyed to FUSE as well.

I’m really happy and think it was so fortunate that we were able to work really hard and show you so many things this year. But at the same time, I also feel very sad and regretful that we won’t be able to be with FUSE for about a year and a half.

Depending on how you look at it, that time could be considered either long or brief, but I will become more mature during that time, and I will stand before you again as an even more dependable person who can be a source of strength for FUSE.

I’m worried that because of this sudden letter, FUSE might feel very sad and shed tears.

While we go on this brief hiatus, FUSE, please stay healthy without getting sick, and let’s promise to meet again as better versions of ourselves, ONF and FUSE both! After time passes and we meet again, I hope that we’ll be able to meet face to face and spend time together that is even happier than the time we’ve spent together up until now, and I hope that we’ll be able to make lots of great memories.

Thinking these kinds of thoughts, my heart is already fluttering, and I hope that time passes by quickly.

So I hope that you won’t worry too much about us!

FUSE. We, ONF, will come back safe and healthy. During that time, we won’t forget about FUSE for a single moment, and we will spend each and every day thinking about you while living well. I hope that FUSE will also spend that time meaningfully, for a better future, while thinking about us as well. You’ll do that, right?

It was because of FUSE that ONF was able to be complete. In the future as well, FUSE, please complete ONF once again, so that we can become even cooler.

And also, please take care of our youngest member U while we are away, FUSE!
I’ll trust only you, FUSE!

I sincerely love our FUSE a lot.

Let’s make lots of happier memories in the time that we have left!

From Hyojin

Wishing the ONF members all the best during their upcoming service!

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