Watch: Choi Woo Shik, Kim Da Mi, Noh Jung Ui, And Kim Sung Cheol Anticipate New Rom-Com At 1st Script Reading

Viewers have been given a closer look at the chemistry between the cast of “Our Beloved Summer”!

Studio N’s first original drama “Our Beloved Summer” is a romantic comedy that portrays the complicated feelings of a couple that broke up saying, “It was an awful time with you, and let’s never meet again!” However, the documentary they filmed 10 years ago in high school suddenly gains popularity and they’re forced to be in front of the camera together once more. The drama stars Choi Woo Shik, Kim Da Mi, Kim Sung Cheol, and Noh Jung Ui.

The new clip shows the drama’s first script reading and starts off with the cast and crew introducing themselves. Choi Woo Shik introduces himself and his character Choi Woong, an illustrator who is used to hiding his personal life. Choi Woo Shik adds, “He’s someone who’s not quite used to standing in front of people, but he’s a character who grows after meeting Yeon Soo, a very fun friend.”

Kim Da Mi plays Gook Yeon Soo, a smart character who placed first in her entire grade and has a lot of drive for success. The actress comments, “As she meets Choi Woong again, she discovers what exactly she wants and her true identity.”

Kim Sung Cheol introduces his character Kim Ji Woong and shares, “I play the role of the PD [producing director] who re-films the documentary from 10 years ago, that goes viral 10 years later. He’s been best friends with Woong since elementary school so he knows him best. To describe him in one word, observer?” Then he teases, “Aren’t you curious?”

Noh Jung Ui plays NJ, a top idol. She explains, “While she’s preparing for a new life, she comes across Woong’s drawing and feels comforted, causing her to fall for Woong.”

Choi Woo Shik adds, “After always reading alone in my house, it was so fun for all the characters to come together. It was also my first time in awhile in the SBS reading space, so I was excited and it was fun. Since there are a lot of fun stories that everyone will be able to relate to, please look forward to it lots and give it lots of attention.”

Kim Da Mi continues, “I’m looking forward to the upcoming filming and I’m excited because I’m filming for the first time in awhile. I hope many people watch. Thank you!”

“Our Beloved Summer” will premiere sometime this December. Watch the full clip here!

While we wait, check out Choi Woo Shik in “Rooftop Prince” below!

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