Watch: EXID's Hani, LABOUM's Solbin, WJSN's Exy, And More Introduce Cotton Candy + Share Thoughts On

“IDOL: The Coup” has released a behind-the-scenes look at Cotton Candy’s poster shoot!

JTBC’s “IDOL: The Coup” is a new drama about idols who have failed to reach stardom and are struggling to let go of their unachieved dreams. Its fictional girl group Cotton Candy consists of leader Jenna (EXID’s Hani), Hyunji (LABOUM’s Solbin), Stella (Han So Eun), El (WJSN’s Exy), and ChaeA (Redsquare’s Green).

The clip starts with each member posing for her individual photo shoot. Later, Hani introduces her character Jenna and explains, “She’s someone with a strong sense of responsibility. At the same time, she has a lot of love. She strongly hopes for the genuine happiness of her Cotton Candy members.”

Solbin describes her character Hyunji in five syllables (in Korean) by saying with a big smile, “There is no tomorrow.” She explains, “Like someone with no tomorrow, she drowns herself in alcohol, gets into trouble, and expresses her emotions with no filter to those closest to her.”

Han So Eun plays Stella, whom she describes as “extremely detailed, soft, and sensitive.” She continues, “Although she’s the oldest member, she isn’t sure of what she wants and what she wants to do, so emotionally, she’s likely the weakest member. That’s why she relies on Jenna a lot.”

Regarding El, Exy shares, “She is an intense character who is not defeated and does not crumble even after numerous failures and wounds, and instead continues to build upon her dream of success.”

Green comments, “ChaeA has dreamed of becoming an idol from a young age and is good at singing and dancing, but she is slightly in the shadow of her pretty bandmates. However, she has a lot of affection and tears, and she is a character who is more lovely the more you see her, so please give her lots of love.”

Afterwards, the girls start posing for their group photo shoot and fill the room with their big smiles, laughs, and jokes. Once they’re done with their official shoot, the group starts taking photos of each other, with all of them expressing amazement at Hani’s photography skills.

The stars then speak about filming the drama, with Hani sharing, “For starters, I cried a lot while reading the script. I hope this drama can gift many people by healing them and touching their hearts. I hope it becomes an opportunity for people to think about what exactly ‘failure’ is and whether ‘failure’ is actually that bad.”

Solbin adds, “To me, it’s becoming a project where I can grow, so I hope that everyone feels the same way after watching.”

Han So Eun begins, “I was so, so happy. I thought that I needed to work hard…” before she adorably asks, “What was the question? Sorry, I’m so nervous.” She continues, “It’s so fun doing this with my friends, and the director is so gentle, so I’m really enjoying filming.”

Exy comments, “It’s such an honor for my first project to be JTBC’s ‘IDOL: The Coup.’ We’re filming happily and having a lot of fun, so please give us lots of attention and look forward to it lots.”

Finally, Green shares, “It’s such an honor to work with these cool seniors and we’re really enjoying filming, so I’m very happy these days.”

Lastly, the girls ask viewers to stay tuned to find out about their characters’ difficult paths and how they’re able to overcome adversity.

“IDOL: The Coup” premieres on November 8 at 11 p.m. KST. Check out the new behind-the-scenes clip below!

While you wait for “IDOL: The Coup,” start watching Hani in “You Raise Me Up” here:

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