HYBE Announces Plans To Launch New Groups In The United States And Japan

HYBE shared their plans to launch new groups!

On November 4 at 10 a.m. KST, HYBE held a “2021 HYBE Corporate Briefing with the Community” via their official YouTube channel. During the conference, the label shared the present and future of the HYBE business model that is expanding under the theme of “Boundless”. HYBE defined “Boundless” as borderless expansion in four areas: country and region, industry and business, the present and future of fan experiences, and solid artist portfolio.

Previously in April, HYBE merged with Scooter Braun’s media company Ithaca Holdings. Bang Si Hyuk and Scooter Braun made an appearance at the conference to explain their future plans as well as the unity between all the their branches in different countries and regions.

One of the topics that was discussed was the launching of new groups in the United States and Japan. HYBE is planning a Global Artist Debut Project in those two countries.

For the first time, HYBE America unveiled their plans to launch a girl group by joining hands with Geffen Records under Universal Music Group (UMG) in order to discover the best global female artists.

HYBE America will be implementing a U.S. local training system that will mobilize the full capabilities of HYBE and UMG. With the group’s debut, HYBE America will include their growth process and milestones that transcends national, cultural, and artistic boundaries. The HYBE and Geffen Records global girl group auditions will receive applications until November 28.

HYBE Japan also shared their Global Debut Project of a boy group that includes four former “I-LAND” contestants: K, Nicholas, EJ, and Taki. The label’s selection of additional members to join them through the audition program “&Audition” will be broadcasted in 2022 via YouTube. The members of the boy group will grow into world-class artists with its own training system, music production, management, and marketing capabilities.

In addition, HYBE Japan will be developing businesses optimized for Japan from platform businesses, such as fan cafe management, to artist IP-related businesses like spatial businesses, MD businesses, and copyright management.

See the clip below for more information on the HYBE and Geffen global girl group audition:

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