ASTRO's Rocky, Weki Meki's Sei And Elly, and Kim Do Kyeong Cast In New Drama

Upcoming drama “Chung Chun Hyang Jeon” has announced its cast!

On November 4, production company JWONDER announced that their new interactive, multi-ending drama, “Chung Chun Hyang Jeon,” will air at the end of November.

Weki Meki’s Sei has been cast as Chung Chun Hyang, ASTRO’s Rocky has been cast as Lee Mong Ryong, Kim Do Kyeong has been cast as Byeon Hak Do, Weki Meki’s Elly has been cast as Han Da Ni, and Kim Yong Suk has been cast as Bang Ji Ahn.

“Chung Chun Hyang Jeon” is a modern retelling of Chunhyangjeon, or The Tale of Chunhyang. Sung Chunhyang is a young woman who falls in love with Yi Mongryong, who has to move to the capital and asks Chunhyang to wait for him until he comes back. When a new government official called Byeon Hakdo moves into the village, he tries to force Chunhyang into being his courtesan, but she refuses and is imprisoned as a result. Yi Mongryong returns in disguise as a secret royal inspector and the couple eventually have a happy ending.

“Chung Chun Hyang Jeon” will tell the story of 24-year-old Chun Hyang in 2021, who works as a staff member at a guesthouse to repay her student debt. She fell in love with Mong Ryong when she was 18, but lost contact with him for six years after he moved to Seoul. He suddenly returns as a medical student, but a young entrepreneur named Byeon Hak Do shakes things up for the couple.

Elly’s character, Han Da Ni, is Hyang Dan, a supporter of the couple in the original tale, while Bang Ji Ahn is Bang Ja, Mong Ryong’s servant. In the remake, Han Da Ni is Chung Chun Hyang’s best friend, while Bang Ji Ahn is a video gamer and a mysterious friend of Chung Chun Hyang’s.

The remake will be set in Namwon, a city in North Jeolla Province. It is described as a multi-ending interactive drama, where the viewers can choose for Chun Hyang what path she should take in the story.

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