Watch: (G)I-DLE's Miyeon, Lee Tae Vin, And More Embark On An Unusual Quest In New Web Drama Teaser

“Delivery” starring (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and Lee Tae Vin has released a new teaser!

“Delivery” is an upcoming comic action web drama about a delivery girl named Kwak Doo Shik (Miyeon) who is skilled at martial arts. To find her mother, she teams up with her manager Do Ki Hwan (Lee Tae Vin), and in the process, they stumble across a conspiracy of aliens who have invaded Earth. The drama also stars Kim Eung Soo as Kwak Doo Shik’s martial arts teacher, YouTuber Heebab, and rapper Z.flat (Choi Hwan Hee) as Secretary Kang.

The teaser starts with Secretary Kang eerily telling Do Ki Hwan, “Ancient aliens have invaded Earth.” Do Ki Hwan hilariously interrupts as he replies, “What are you talking about?” Discouraged, Z.flat insists he’s going to stop as Do Ki Hwan quickly responds, “I’ll believe you. I haven’t heard it all yet.”

Kwak Doo Shik is introduced as the world’s strongest person and sets out to collect evidence in order to find her mom Kim Mi Ok. Kwak Doo Shik is joined by Do Ki Hwan, Do Jae Min, who is an expert at finding evidence, and Secretary Kang, who is hiding a secret from them.

Secretary Kang then explains, “Mi Ok and I were special agents protecting Earth from chicken aliens,” confusing Kwak Doo Shik and Do Ki Hwan. They embark on their mission to defeat the aliens but must go through Kim Mi Ok, the ghost motel, an unknown group, and zombies before reaching them.

Later, Do Ki Hwan’s cool romanticist side comes out as he shares, “Doo Shik, I haven’t gotten to say my goodbyes yet.”

At the end, Kim Eung Soo appears as Kim Teuk Chool, Doo Shik and Ki Hwan’s martial arts teacher. He comments with a huge smile, “Gentlemen, wake up.”

Catch the full teaser below! “Delivery” premieres on November 12 on the Space Delivery YouTube channel.

In the meantime, begin watching Miyeon in “Replay” here:

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