Watch: INFINITE's Nam Woohyun, Ailee, And More Put Their Own Spin On Vibe's Songs On

The November 6 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” was a special focused on the vocal duo Vibe. Performers for this week were Ben and Hanhae, Ali, INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun, Im Jung Hee and DK, Forestella, and Ailee.


Ben and Hanhae went first with their cover of “Looking at the Photo,” kicking off with Hanhae’s rap before Ben followed with her unique vocal tone. Ailee said, “If the original song was about the feelings of discovering old photos of a lover some time after a breakup, watching this performance was about the feelings of putting away the photos after a breakup.”

Next was Ali, who covered Vibe’s “Alcohol Is,” and said, “If you didn’t call me, I would have been disappointed,” sharing how much she loved that song. She won the round against Ben and Hanhae.

Third to perform was Nam Woohyun, who was recently discharged from military service. He said, “It’s only been two months since I was discharged. I was one of the early members on ‘Immortal Songs’ around 2011. It’s been a long time since I came here and there’s a lot that’s changed.” Asked to specify, he joked, “The bread is different. We didn’t have things like this. We also didn’t have drinks like this.” Nam Woohyun holds the record of the most votes among idol performers on the show, and even beat veteran artist Jung Dong Ha in the past.

For this episode, he covered “Come Back to Me,” and Ben commented, “It’s a tough song even for two people to sing, so it’s amazing that he did it alone. It’s a song that’s even hard on [Vibe’s] Yoon Min Soo.” Afterward, Vibe’s Ryu Jae Hyun also said, “It’s really shocking that he covered a two-person song alone. It’s a song that’s even tough for us to sing.” Yoon Min Soo added, “We avoid adding it to our concert set lists. If you sing this song, you can’t sing anymore afterward.” Eventually, Nam Woohyun won the round against Ali.

Next, Im Jung Hee and DK tackled Vibe’s duet with Jang Hye Jin, “The Man, the Woman.” Yoon Min Soo said, “When we released that song, it was the first time that we made money. It was an emotional moment. It took 10 years after her our debut. It was the first time that we’d earned money as a singer.” Ryu Jae Hyun said, “Im Jung Hee is one of my favorite female singers. Her performance was just whatI expected from her.” Im Jung Hee and DK won the round against Nam Woohyun.

Fifth to perform was Forestella, who performed SG Wannabe’s “As I Live,” which was produced and written by Vibe’s Ryu Jae Hyun. “As I Live” was originally supposed to be a Vibe song, but Yoon Min Soo said, “Due to financial hardships, we had to sell songs back then. We even did all the recording before Ryu Jae Hyun sold the song.” Ryu Jae Hyun said, “In the ad-libs in the final chorus, you can still hear the remains of Yoon Min Soo’s voice.” Forestella won the round against Im Jung Hee and DK.

The last performer on this episode was Ailee, who sang “Love Me Once Again.” She shared that it was a meaningful song for her, as she had sung it often while preparing to debut as a singer. In the end, Forestella won to take the final win on the episode.

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