7 Concepts That SHINee's Key Slays As A Soloist

A little over a month ago, Key made his solo comeback with his first mini album titled “BAD LOVE.” The EP takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions as it reveals the singer’s take on love and heartbreak in all their forms. Although Key only made his official debut as a soloist three years ago, he has already covered enough concepts to show just how amazingly talented he is as an artist.

From his collection of solo musical releases, here are seven concepts that SHINee’s Key slays as a soloist.

1. “Forever Yours” feat. Soyou

Key spiced his debut album with a retro pop track that oozes tropical vibes. The hook, albeit repetitive, is compelling and enjoyable throughout the song. The lyrics join the party to make “Forever Yours” soothing, fun, romantic, and flirty all at once. Perhaps, the artist may have established his signature style with this one.

2. “One of Those Nights” feat. Crush

In “One Of Those Nights,” Key starts mellow only to raise the bar and let his vocals stand out through this R&B release that serves as the title track for his album “Face.” The subtle guitar presence throughout the instrumental brings the heartwrenching lyrics to life, further channeling the heartbreak he describes in this one.

3. “Chemicals”

Key completely switches his style as he takes on “Chemicals.” The sensuality of the song combines with the EDM tunes to give it a whole new vibe that is both addictive and strangely calming. His vocals, on the other hand, vividly stand out, as you can feel him perform from the heart. The heartfelt lyrics are a match made in heaven with the sound, as both convey the singer’s feelings in this song.

4. “Hologram”

Key’s Japanese releases are as entertaining and lively as his Korean ones. This dance track showcases the artist’s performer side on top of his stellar vocals. A hint of jazz mixed with a bit of burlesque encompass the entire song, whereas the lyrics add their personal touch by narrating a flamboyant love confession lived by the artist.

5. “I Wanna Be” feat. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

Key leaves his retro print behind as he delves into this fresh pop dance jam. His voice is laidback as it becomes one with the instrumentals, and the song’s slight EDM hint doesn’t take away from its initially tender melody. The cheerful lyrics complete this musical puzzle as he amply shares his abundant love for his significant other.

6. “Hate that…” feat. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Key tones it down in “Hate that…,” giving us a goosebump-worthy rendition where he explores the ache of breakups. In this sentimental R&B ballad, he pours his heart out and delivers an emotional performance that brings the heartbreaking lyrics to life. It seems that Key can pretty much nail every genre on the musical spectrum.


“BAD LOVE” shows a whole new side of Key. He unveils his badass self as he puts an end to a toxic love in this jam, as stated by the lyrics. This is what happens when dance pop and retro pop meet halfway, and are crowned with Key’s magical vocals. The best part about this song, and the album that contains it, is that Key participated in the creation of the concept, which bears his signature in the details.

Which solo concept do you think Key slays best? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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