Yoon So Hee, Joo Woo Jae, And Kim Hyun Jin Share Closing Comments On Their Drama

Playlist Studio’s original drama “Peng” has come to an end!

“Peng” starred Yoon So Hee as Go Sa Ri, a woman entering her 30s who suddenly becomes entangled with four different men. After living a sheltered life in her 20s, Go Sa Ri decides to start over by being open to any man who wants to enter her life and letting go of any man who wants to leave.

Through her agency, AL Entertainment, Yoon So Hee said, “I was very happy to have spent the summer of 2021 with the cast and crew of ‘Peng.’ ‘Peng’ was a drama that gave me the gift of being able to become close with good people, and I will always treasure it as a fond memory. Thank you to everyone who watched ‘Peng’ until the end. I hope that it remains in your memories for a long time as well.”

Joo Woo Jae played the character Ki Sun Jae, Go Sa Ri’s boss at work and one of the four men who pops up in her life as she enters her 30s. He said, “The chemistry between the cast and crew was good, and the atmosphere on set was fun and comfortable, so I looked forward to going to set every day. I think that the good atmosphere between the actors on set translated into good chemistry between our characters in the drama.”

He continued, “I wanted to show how my character, Ki Sun Jae, loosens up over the course of the drama. I tried to show how he approaches Sa Ri in a more friendly and affectionate way. The other actors are younger than me, and I thought that they might feel uncomfortable around me, so I worked hard to make things comfortable at the start of filming. Later on, they treated me really comfortably, so I was grateful. It was really fun to film the scenes when the male characters bickered among themselves. Yoon So Hee also has a great personality and it was fun being on set with her.”

Kim Hyun Jin played Yeon Ha Rim, a straightforward man who is younger than Go Sa Ri but doesn’t waste time in pursuing her. He said, “I am grateful for this precious time in which I learned from and leaned on my senior actors. Thanks to the kind production staff and senior actors, I was able to grow a lot on set. Yeon Ha Rim is a very precious character to me. I regret that I wasn’t able to show more of myself, but I’ll continue to work hard and show my growth in the future. Thank you very much for loving and watching ‘Peng’ until now.”

Watch the first episode of “Peng” below!

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