11 K-Pop Songs To Spice Up Your Workouts

As we all know, there is a K-pop song for every occasion, and that includes exercising. After all, nothing sets the mood for a hardcore training session like a thoroughly planned playlist to walk you through your entire routine, where the exhaustion is subdued by the enthusiasm that the combination of working out and channeling a good mood creates.

Here is a selection of K-pop songs to spice up your workouts. Ready, set, go!


First things first, nothing beats a quick warm-up before you start working out. Just like the members of MONSTA X are showing off their fit bodies in this sick choreography, you too can become your own hero as you focus on your physical health and fitness above all – looks will follow later!


For your fitness journey to take off, motivation is essential. After sheer will, the best motivational boost that follows is feeding your self-confidence as you carry on with your workout routine. Lunges? High knees? Squats? “Lalisa” has the perfect sound to rock each of these moves and more!

3. PSY – “DADDY”

Is it even a real K-pop workout playlist if PSY is not on it? Sure, this is one of many awesome singles that the P NATION CEO has released into the world, but it sure has that rhythm that is just right for your zumba classes. Only one way to find out: Try it yourself!

4. Jessi – “NUNU NANA”

Whether you’re a fan of aerobics or a sensual dance enthusiast, Jessi’s sound fits both like a glove. Plus, if you choose to adopt the choreography, it adds quite the zest to the whole workout. You heard Jessi from the block: Just dance with her!


This iconic single earned its spot fair and square, as it has kept many fans dancing to it time and time again. No matter what your exercise tune preferences are, rest assured that “BANG BANG BANG” will blend in flawlessly into your playlist.

6. Lee Hi – “Red Lipstick”

Another song that is basically an open invitation to dance like nobody’s watching is “Red Lipstick.” Not everyone likes standard fitness routines to get in shape or lose weight, so incorporating dance as a way to take care of one’s physical well-being is the next best thing.

7. BTS – “Black Swan”

If you’re a yoga fan, you can consider some mellow K-pop songs that give you just the right amount of tune needed to delve into your arduous breathing stretches. For instance, “Black Swan” has just the right amount of passion and delicacy needed for a wholesome yoga session.

8. CL – “SPICY”

CL has provided the spiciest track to focus on your cardio. From the motivational motto “Energy, power, chemistry” to the ever-rising tempo from the start, you’re probably about to work your heart out to its very last beat (but be careful not to)!

9. Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

Need more oxygen for your aerobic metabolism? Stray Kids has got you covered with their signature dish. “God’s Menu” has it all to stimulate an intense exercise out of your body. The best part? The more regular you are fitness-wise, the less guilty you’ll feel about your cheat meals!

10. GOT7 – “Hard Carry”

Let’s face it, this bop speaks for itself entirely. You can be your own hard carry and lead your physical shape back to health. Even better, the oscillating rhythm of the song can serve as your guide to speed up then slowly pace yourself, whichever moves you decide to train with.

11. EXO – “Monster”

This jam is best played during push-ups, sit-ups, or even planks. The energy that stems from the lyrics and the beat that crescendoes are perfect to time your sets. And let’s face it, who’s better than EXO to give you that beast-like drive to get fit?

Which K-pop song is your workout anthem? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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