Watch: Lee Ji Hoon, Han Chae Young, Ji Yi Soo, And Goo Ja Sung Have Their Sights Set On Different Goals In

iHQ’s upcoming drama “Sponsor” has released new posters and teasers ahead of its premiere.

“Sponsor” is a new drama about the dangerous romance between two men and two women who will stick at nothing to get what they want and go looking for a “sponsor” to satisfy their greed and desires.

The drama released two couple posters, one with Lee Ji Hoon and Han Chae Young and another with Lee Ji Hoon and Ji Yi Soo. Lee Ji Hoon plays photographer Lee Sun Woo, Han Chae Young plays successful CEO Han Chae Rin, and Ji Yi Soo plays rising star Park Da Som.

In Lee Ji Hoon and Han Chae Young’s poster, although both characters give off an elegant vibe, they have their backs turned to each other and are facing in opposite directions, hinting at a complicated relationship beyond enmity and alliance. In Lee Ji Hoon and Ji Yi Soo’s poster, the characters show their softer sides as she leans on him and they look longingly in the same direction.

The drama also unveiled two teaser videos for the drama. In the first teaser, Lee Sun Woo (Lee Ji Hoon) holds back his anger as he says, “My father was an amazing person. But he made just one mistake. And that was trusting you, President.” Meanwhile, Han Chae Rin (Han Chae Young) strokes someone’s arm and says softly, “I could give you my life, President.”

Ji Yi Soo and Goo Ja Sung appear as the married couple Park Da Som and Hyun Seung Hoon. Park Da Som is a rising star and Hyun Seung Hoon is an aspiring model, which causes conflict in their relationship, as well as their concern over their son, who is sick with a rare disease. Park Da Som and Han Chae Rin sign a mysterious contract, and Han Chae Rin makes Hyun Seung Hoon a shocking offer when she asks, “Shall we sleep together?”

In the second teaser, Lee Sun Woo shows up looking coolly professional and tells Han Chae Rin, “The meeting between you and I will end in misery.” Han Chae Rin glares at him and says, “I will never forgive someone who betrays me. Even if I die first.”

Later, Han Chae Rin is spotted kissing Hyun Seung Hoon. Without a hint of hesitation in his eyes, Hyun Seung Hoo declares, “I don’t want to be known to the world as Park Da Som’s husband. I want to rise to the top with my own name, Hyun Seung Hoon.”

A dangerous relationship of sponsors and sponsees arises as David Park (Kim Jung Tae) sees Park Da Som in tears over her child, who is sick with a rare disease. She asks him if he can really save her child’s life, and he tells her, “You have to be good to me. I’m not your sponsor for no reason.” Lee Sun Woo is told by President Park (Park Geun Hyung), “Your endless greed was born from my hand, and its end lies with me as well,” and Lee Sun Woo fires back, “Then I’ll just cut your hand off.”

“Sponsor” is the first original drama to be broadcast on iHQ’s new channel and will premiere on November 29 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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