(G)I-DLE's Miyeon Talks About Learning Action For New Drama + Lee Tae Vin Talks About Playing A Nice Character For A Change

On November 12, the new web drama “Delivery” held a press conference with (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, Lee Tae Vin, Z.flat (Choi Hwan Hee), Kim Jae Woon, PD (producing director) Bang Jin Hyun, and writer Yoo Jung Seo.

“Delivery” is a comic action web drama about Kwak Doo Shik (Miyeon), a delivery worker who is skilled at martial arts, and Do Ki Hwan, the head of the delivery agency. The two of them go on a quest to find Kwak Doo Shik’s mother and end up stumbling across a conspiracy of aliens who want to take over the Earth.

“Delivery” is being produced by KGC Brand, a platform that presents standards for market development and promotes revitalization of small and medium-sized businesses in Gyeonggi Province. Miyeon decided to appear in the drama with the intention of helping local businesses that are having difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the press conference, Miyeon said, “It’s a really difficult period right now and I thought that this drama’s theme could be of some help to small businesses. It was a new challenge for me as well.”

To prepare for the role, Miyeon went to action school to learn how to film action scenes. “Before we even started action, they made us do a lot of preparatory exercises and warm-ups,” she said. “Thanks to that, I also gained a lot of stamina. I remember nothing except that I worked really hard because I was so focused on the moment.”

She continued, “I thought of myself as someone who wasn’t suited for action. When I got the script, I wondered if this was really right for me. When the (G)I-DLE members heard about it, they also were like, ‘You’re doing something like that?’ But I got a lot of support and gained a lot of self-confidence. The stunt director complimented me a lot and it gave me confidence. I think it turned out well, in my eyes. But I don’t think I can do it again,” she added, laughing.

Lee Tae Vin recently completed his role in SBS’s “The Penthouse” series, where he played a character with a mean streak. He joked, “I’m naturally kind, so I didn’t even have to act this time.” He added more seriously, “Ki Hwan is a very charming character, and I’m glad to be able to show a new side of me that I haven’t shown before.”

Rapper Z.flat, who is the son of the beloved late actress Choi Jin Shil, said, “When I first got the script, I was really worried over how I could pull off this role. During the script reading, the director gave me a lot of good ideas and we were able to create a good character. I had a lot of concerns about trying acting for the first time. I’d said that I was giving up on dreams of acting when I debuted as a singer, so I worried about whether I’d be going back on my word. But this drama’s message was so important for our current times, so I decided to participate.”

He added, “I thought that when you mess up a take, everyone will stare at you and the atmosphere will turn tense, but everyone just laughs. The others took good care of me on set and it was a fun experience.”

“Delivery” released all eight episodes on the YouTube channel Space Delivery on November 12.

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