KBS’s “Dali and Cocky Prince” has come to an end!

“Dali and Cocky Prince” is a rom-com drama starring Kim Min Jae as Jin Mu Hak, a man who lacks traditional schooling and book smarts but is extremely resourceful and talented at making a living, and Park Gyu Young as Kim Dal Li, a woman who is intellectually polished and comes from an elite background but doesn’t know how to take care of herself.


After the finale, “Dali and Cocky Prince” released a video of the cast sharing their closing comments, as well as the last behind-the-scenes video of the final filming of episodes 15 and 16.

In his closing interview, Kim Min Jae jokingly stayed in character as Jin Mu Hak before greeting viewers with his warm smile. He said, “Today is the last day of filming, but I didn’t think it would end. In a good way. I thought it wouldn’t end, but now it has, so it still doesn’t feel quite real. I feel regretful that I have to say goodbye to Mu Hak, but it’s a relief that we finished filming with everyone safe and in good health.” He shared that the very last scenes in the drama were the most memorable to him and said that he felt a new kind of energy, happiness, fun, and ignorance while living as Mu Hak.

Park Gyu Young said, “We’ve finally finished the last filming. It was a very long and very precious journey. I’ve developed a lot of affection for the production staff, director, and other cast members and now it’s the end. But it feels refreshing because I have no regrets. I think the most memorable scene is the ending scene in the drama, which is also the last scene we filmed.” She shared that the drama represented a stage of growth for her as well as for her character, Kim Dal Li. To the viewers, she said, “Thank you for staying with us for 16 episodes!”

Kwon Yool, who played Jang Tae Jin, said, “No matter what project it is, I think I feel regret when it ends. Because of the times, ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’ was a project in which the cast and crew were particularly like a family together, so there are more regrets. It feels both refreshing and regretful. I think that the scene where I first met Dal Li at the funeral was one of the most memorable scenes. Working on this drama was like the refreshing feeling you get when you take your mask off. Of course, you can’t take your mask off now in these times, but when you don’t have it on, it feels like the air is clearer and it gives you a sense of comfort. ‘Dali and Cocky Prince’ represented that kind of comfortable, holiday feeling for me.”

Hwang Hee, who played Joo Won Tak, said, “Thank you for loving our warmhearted and beautiful drama. I hope that it will be a drama that is long-remembered and rewatched in future. Please be happy and have a good end of the year. Thank you.” Yeonwoo, who played Ahn Chak Hee, said, “The last filming was really fun, but I still feel a lot of regrets. But the regrets mean that I had a lot of fun, so I’m satisfied.” She picked the scene in which she and Park Gyu Young fought for the blankets as the most memorable scene. “I don’t know why it’s the most memorable, but I was shocked by her core strength,” she laughed. “She wouldn’t let go of the blankets no matter what.”

The director, Lee Jung Seob, also thanked the viewers and hoped that they had received some laughter and comfort for the drama in these difficult (COVID-19) times.

In the behind-the-scenes video of episodes 15-16, the clip kicks off with Kim Min Jae and Park Gyu Young rising from the blankets of Jin Mu Hak’s hospital bed and telling the camera, “This is our last making-of video.” Although it’s the last filming, the cast continues with the playful atmosphere that they’ve had all throughout the show, taking selfies, laughing at each other’s mistakes (Park Gyu Young), and staring down the behind-the-scenes camera (Kim Min Jae).

Kim Min Jae carefully prepares by himself for a long time before filming the action scene in the garage where his character gets stabbed. The production staff reveal that the fire extinguisher that Jin Mu Hak carries didn’t spray in real life and was edited in post-production to look like it was spraying, for safety reasons. The production staff member also sprays a live fire extinguisher between take to make the scene look properly hazy.

The video also shows the supporting actors going crazy over the proposal scene between Jin Mu Hak and Kim Dal Li. Discovering a piano in the corner, Kim Min Jae sits down and plays, invoking memories of his role as a pianist in his previous drama “Do You Like Brahms?“. In the filming for the very last scene, Park Gyu Young teases Kim Min Jae for looking like he was going to cry, but ends up tearing up herself with the final “Cut.”

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