Lee Ji Hoon Says He Has Resolved Misunderstandings With Former Writer Of

Both sides of the “Sponsor” dispute have stated that the misunderstanding had been resolved.

Earlier this month, one of the “Sponsor” staff members complained about an altercation with one of Lee Ji Hoon’s acquaintances who was visiting him on set. The drama’s producers and Lee Ji Hoon’s agency apologized for the incident and clarified what happened. On the same day, Park Gye Hyung, the former writer of “Sponsor,” claimed that he had been fired due to Lee Ji Hoon complaining about his screen time. The drama’s production team and the actor denied the allegations through multiple statements and shared screenshots of text messages as evidence.

Earlier this week, Lee Ji Hoon shared his plans to resolve the misunderstanding in person.

On November 14, OSEN reported that writer A (Park Gye Hyung) realized that he had misunderstood the situation and sent a long message of apology to Lee Ji Hoon’s representatives. According to the report, Lee Ji Hoon contacted the writer and the dispute ended with the writer’s apology.

On the same day, Lee Ji Hoon posted the following on his personal Instagram.

I’ve said this multiple times already, but I don’t want anyone to incur harm from this.

I was the first to contact the writer!

There was a strange misunderstanding between me and the writer. The writer realized why he had a misunderstanding about me, and I realized why he was misunderstanding me.

We’ve resolved these misunderstandings and talked it all out and shared a reconciliatory conversation and sincerely cheered each other on! We’re on good terms now!

All of this was caused by a misunderstanding. Now I don’t want anyone to suffer from this anymore. I don’t want any more people to get hurt from or be burdened by this. I don’t want this to be an issue anymore! Please stop writing articles.

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