The latest episode of “Running Man” was a “Street Woman Fighter” special!

On November 14, SBS’s “Running Man” featured “Street Woman Fighter” dancers Honey J, Aiki, Leejung, and Monika as guests.

After the cast members made a flashy entrance while dancing, they introduced their guests for the day. Yoo Jae Suk commented that Honey J had numerous memorable quotes from “Street Woman Fighter,” then began teasing the cast members who had blank expressions because they didn’t know what he was talking about. Looking over at Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, and Ji Suk Jin, Aiki remarked with a laugh, “I think I know who [hasn’t watched ‘Street Woman Fighter’].”

Monika, who currently runs a dance academy, reacted to the viewers who insisted they wanted to be scolded by her, saying, “Scolding is my character. I guess scolding is charming. People say things like, ‘If I were scolded by her, I think I’d pass the civil service exam.'”

Yoo Jae Suk hilariously responded, “Rather than get scolded by Monika, try getting scolded by Jong Kook. You will immediately come to your senses. Monika finishes in one go, right? Jong Kook goes until you’ve recovered.”

Later, Song Ji Hyo performed her own version of ITZY‘s popular shoulder dance from “WANNABE,” which Leejung choreographed. Monika complimented her by saying, “You were so on-beat as soon as the music started.” HaHa then jokingly accused Monika of trying to recruit Song Ji Hyo as a student for her dance academy, commenting, “Wow, she’s trying to earn money!”

Leejung, who is one of the teachers at Monika’s dance academy, added, “I choreographed this dance, and the fact that you can follow it after seeing it once [is impressive],” leading to HaHa to hilariously interject, “You’re in cahoots!”

Next, Jun So Min began dancing to “Hey Mama,” as well as “WANNABE.” She took everyone by surprise by throwing in a twerking performance, causing her cast members to rush in and stop her. However, she received glowing reviews from the “Street Woman Fighter” dancers.

For that day’s race, the cast members split up and joined the leaders’ four different crews. After each mission, the two crews with the lowest ranks had to compete in a dance battle. Kim Jong Kook and HaHa chose Leejung, Song Ji Hyo chose Aiki, Ji Suk Jin and Yang Se Chan chose Monika, and Yoo Jae Suk and Jun So Min chose Honey J’s team.

Unfortunately, due to health issues, Honey J had to leave filming before the first mission. Yoo Jae Suk shared, “Honey J wasn’t feeling well, so it was recommended that she rest for today’s filming. We hope you understand. It’s nothing major. I think Honey J’s heart was very heavy when she had to leave. Please don’t worry, and we hope she recovers soon.”

As a result, both Yoo Jae Suk and Jun So Min chose to join Aiki’s crew, leaving her to make the decision. Aiki joked, “Rather than Jae Suk who talks a lot, I’ll choose So Min.” After having bragged about his close friendship with Aiki the entire broadcast, Yoo Jae Suk awkwardly commented, “This is amusing,” and joined Monika’s crew.


In the first game, the cast and guests had to look at two photos and correctly name the people in each one. To determine who went up against whom, they called out the members of the other teams whom they thought were weakest, similar to the “No Respect Battle” in “Street Woman Fighter.”

While Aiki was competing against Yang Se Chan and HaHa, the three had such a hard time with the game that Yoo Jae Suk commented, “You guys need to start paying tuition to this show.” Suddenly, HaHa called for a fight, meaning the three now had to tear each other’s name tags off. HaHa quickly ripped off Yang Se Chan’s, then began an intense wrestling match against Aiki, with the latter impressively coming out the winner.

In the next round, Monika chose Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook as the weakest competitors. Once Kim Jong Kook quickly called for a fight, Aiki remarked, “Just as a warning, Monika’s competitiveness is no joke.” However, Monika surprised everyone by adorably calling out, “I’m scared!” While Monika successfully ripped off Kim Jong Kook’s name tag, Song Ji Hyo was the final winner.

Leejung’s crew came out victorious for the quiz game, leaving Aiki and Monika’s crews to have to compete in a dance battle. After a hilarious set of performances, Monika’s crew won with a score of 2:1. Check out the dance battle below!

With Monika’s crew winning the second game, they became the fight judges for the dance battle between Leejung and Aiki’s crews. As soon as Monika commented on Aiki’s impressive dancing, she immediately added a comedic touch, showing off her unpredictable charms. Watch the second dance battle below!

After an exciting battle, judge Ji Suk Jin jokingly told Jun So Min, “I cannot tolerate the act of spraying water here in the dance scene. Although it was funny, I only look at the dancing [while judging].” However, everyone else hilariously called him out for cheering the loudest. Hearing this, Aiki imitated her own iconic line from “Street Woman Fighter” by commenting, “Sorry, but our ‘Ai-dol’ [Jun So Min’s dance nickname for the game] was the sexiest thing I’ve seen today.” Aiki’s crew ultimately won the judges’ votes with a score of 3:1.

The final winner of the day’s race was Monika’s crew, who only had one punishment judge. She commented, “Thank you. I get to place first here on ‘Running Man’!” Aiki’s crew placed last, with the punishment being a whipped cream cannon. Monika added, “I think it’s so lucky that I’m not standing there. It was so fun experiencing ‘Running Man.'” Leejung shared, “This was really the most fun and comfortable shoot. Thank you for inviting us.”

Lastly, Aiki commented, “After having so much fun during filming today, I feel awkward that this is how it ends. But I will also think of this as a good memory.” She then chose to save Jun So Min, making sure the cannons only hit her and Song Ji Hyo.

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