Watch: Han Hyo Joo, Park Hyung Sik, And More Overcome Summer Heat With Lots Of Laughs While Filming

The latest “Happiness” making-of video goes behind the scenes of Episodes 3 and 4!

tvN’s “Happiness” is a new apocalyptic urban thriller set in the near future, inside an apartment building that is stratified by social standing. The high-rise building is sealed off when a new infectious disease emerges, and the drama depicts the fear, psychological battles, and desperate struggles for survival that ensue.

At the start of the clip, the cast is filming in the peak summer heat. As Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik discuss their exact movements for a scene, the director gives them detailed advice. From the side, Lee Kyu Hyung shyly comments, “Can I get some directing too?…” The director responds with a laugh, “Get overpowered, but safely.” Park Hyung Sik also comments on the hot weather and adds, “It’s even hotter due to the actors’ passion.”

In the next scene, Han Hyo Joo is snacking on hard-boiled eggs while chatting with Park Hyung Sik. Park Hyung Sik comments with a laugh, “I thought you’d be eating them little by little.” Han Hyo Joo responds, “I ate one full egg already!” As she realizes how much filming they have left, she remarks, “I’m regretting it,” then dives back into peeling the eggs.

Later, while delivering her line, Han Hyo Joo chokes on the egg, causing her to start giggling. She adds, “People need to make good decisions,” while Park Hyung Sik jokes, “This has turned into torture.” Han Hyo Joo stays firm and explains, “But chips are no fun. You have to talk with your mouth full for it to be fun. Right, director?”

Given the nature of the drama, the two actors start their mandatory stretching before rehearsals. They then film a sweet embrace as Baek Hyun Jin escapes behind them. Park Hyung Sik struggles to hold in his laughter as he exclaims, “This is funny!”

During rehearsals for a later scene, Bae Hae Sun practices her English pronunciation. Although Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo initially crack up at her improvisations, after filming a confrontation with the actress, Park Hyung Sik adorably cries out, “I’m scared…”

Check out the full making-of video below!

“Happiness” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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