SF9's Rowoon And Park Eun Bin Reunite With An Emotional Kiss In

SF9’s Rowoon and Park Eun Bin will not hesitate to display their love in the upcoming episode of “The King’s Affection”!

Based on the manhwa (Korean comic) of the same name, “The King’s Affection” tells the story of a pair of royal twins, one male and one female. Although the sister is initially abandoned for being female, she is later forced to disguise herself as a man to become the crown prince when her brother dies. Park Eun Bin stars in the drama as Lee Hwi, the crown prince with a shocking secret, while SF9’s Rowoon stars as Jung Ji Woon, who becomes Lee Hwi’s teacher.


Previously on the drama, Lee Hwi faced many challenges in Jung Ji Woon’s absence. One major incident revolved around her troublesome uncle Prince Chang Un (Kim Seo Ha). He mistreated a female slave who ended up dying, and she forced him to apologize at her grave. Things took a drastic turn for the worse when he ended up taking his own life. The government officials were unhappy with Lee Hwi, and there was even a petition to dethrone the crown prince.

On the other hand, Jung Ji Woon left the city to live a quiet life. During the day, he was busy healing poor people, but at night, he drowned in his longing for Lee Hwi. However, Jung Ji Woon ended up hearing Lee Hwi was on the verge of being dethroned and headed back to the palace.

New stills revealed today show a tender moment between Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon. The two affectionately gaze at each other with warmth as if they’re trying to embrace each other’s wounds. Then they lean in and share a sweet kiss. It’s the first time that they shared a reciprocating kiss, and viewers are looking forward to seeing more of their romance in the future.

The drama’s producers shared, “After hearing Lee Hwi’s news, Jung Ji Woon decides not to leave her alone anymore and comes running back to her side. This affectionate scene where they shed tears together to soothe their wounds was completed by Park Eun Bin and Rowoon’s ripe emotional acting.”

They added that the actors’ performances were so amazing that even the staff on the set couldn’t help but be amazed. It will be exciting to watch how Jung Ji Woon will help Lee Hwi overcome this crisis.

The next episode of “The King’s Affection” will air on November 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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