Watch: 2PM's Lee Junho And Lee Se Young Cool Off While Filming In The Water For

MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” has shared a making-of video from the filming of its first two episodes!

Based on a novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a historical drama about the imperial court romance between a court lady named Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young) and crown prince Yi San (Lee Junho), who put the nation first before love.

The clip starts during filming on a warm summer day. Lee Junho and Lee Se Young rehearse an upcoming action scene where he catches her before they fall into the water. After they quickly bicker about whether they’re supposed to spin 180 or 360 degrees, they film the romantic scene perfectly while making sure to check up on each other.

Next, they film the actual water scene where Lee Se Young runs out from behind the bushes and falls into Lee Junho’s arms. Lee Se Young makes the director crack up after a few awkward takes, but is ultimately able to finish the scene well. After their stunt doubles film themselves falling into the water, Lee Junho and Lee Se Young begin preparing for their next scene. The director warns them not to fall in while joking around, and Junho teasingly replies, “I’m just going to dunk Deok Im in headfirst.” After filming the chaotic scene, Lee Se Young excitedly calls out, “Let’s film in the water everyday!”

At night, Lee Se Young films a cooking scene with all the other court ladies. Lee Min Ji hilariously shows off her dough that’s turned rock hard and explains that her hands are covered in flour from all her hard work while practicing. When asked if she’s good at cooking in real life, Lee Min Ji quickly responds, “Nope.”

Lee Se Young introduces the dish she was just making and shares, “This is the festival where 500 court ladies come together for filming.” She jokingly adds, “It’s a disaster.”

Later, Ha Yul Ri and Lee Eun Saem take viewers around the festival, showing the children making jewelry and meeting Lee Min Ji where the other court ladies are cooking. Lee Min Ji shares, “I’m making ‘pastries’ [in English],” making her co-stars laugh as they ask, “Were there pastries back then too?”

Lee Se Young and Lee Junho then film in the palace where they reveal fun filming secrets, such as the staff member lying on the floor to open the door and how Lee Se Young is propped up on a box so that her bow can be filmed properly.

As Junho practices writing with a brush, Lee Se Young adorably asks for his autograph and he diligently writes out “Yi San” for her. They continue to joke around in high spirits as Lee Se Young tries to catch a fly for Lee Junho and he randomly dances to 2PM’s “10 out of 10.”

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

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