Watch: Shin So Hyun Gets Close To CIX's Bae Jin Young During A Case Of Mistaken Identity In

The new drama “User Not Found” has released its main trailer!

“User Not Found” is about two female transfer students with the same name who make a secret contract to swap identities in order to start afresh at their new school.

Shin So Hyun stars as Yoo Min Jae, who finds herself unexpectedly popular when she transfers to Woo Jung High School. The other students had already talked up her reputation for being pretty and good at studying even before she arrived. Because of this, she finds herself often thrown in with Shin Yi Joon (CIX’s Bae Jin Young), the popular kid at school.

When a classmate tells her that someone with the same name as her is transferring to their school, Yoo Min Jae realizes that the other students have mistaken her for this other Yoo Min Jae (Han Ye Ji). Afraid, she asks Shin Yi Joon, “Have you ever thought like this? That you were too scared and ashamed and you wanted to vanish from the world without anyone knowing?” Shin Yi Joon replies that he has, and when she asks him how he dealt with it, he said, “I didn’t do anything. I just kept on living.” After this, the two become closer, and Yoo Min Jae learns that Shin Yi Joon is actually shy and hates to be embarrassed.

Meanwhile, the suspicion around Yoo Min Jae keeps growing, as Han Ji Wan (Jung Hyun Ji) comments, “When you think about it, it seems like Min Jae has a lot of secrets.” The “popular” Yoo Min Jae had tons of followers on social media, but she suddenly deleted all her photos, making the other classmates suspicious about the “regular” Yoo Min Jae. The “regular” Yoo Min Jae says in frustration, “I never wanted her popularity anyway.”

The teaser ends with the “popular” Yoo Min Jae dreaming of happy times with her friends before they suddenly turn their backs on her. She jerks awake and stares unhappily at her Woo Jung High School uniform and says, “I wanted to disappear from the world… but it turns out that there were other people like me too.”

“User Not Found” premieres on December 3 and will be available on Viki. Check out the trailer below!

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