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Things are moving very fast. There were a lot of questions at the end of episode 2 that have already been answered in the newest episodes of “Now We Are Breaking Up.” With the hype and excitement of the series still in high gear, people are curious to see how Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) and Young Eun’s (Song Hye Kyo) relationship will develop in the coming episodes. Can we just say that the recent episodes were packed with quite a bit of angst and emotion? Here are six crazy emotional moments from the recent episodes!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Finding out what happened with Yoon Soo Wan and Young Eun in the past

In the beginning of episode 3, viewers see that Yoon Soo Wan (Shin Dong Wook) had met Young Eun when they both lived in France. The two engaged in a passionate relationship, but when it was time for Soo Wan to return to Seoul, he made the decision to break up with her. Ultimately, he was never able to break up as he got into a car accident and tragically passed away. Young Eun never found out what happened to Soo Wan and, therefore, never got any real closure from the relationship. Needless to say, it is the catalyst in Young Eun’s life and the main reason why she cannot trust men, let alone let Jae Guk into her life.

2. Young Eun drawing the line

When Jae Guk is at Young Eun’s house as a result of Director Hwang, he goes into her bedroom and catches her there. The two engage in a deep conversation, and Jae Guk confronts Young Eun about what his brother meant to her. After seeing that her feelings for his older brother were genuine, Young Eun draws the line, stopping from any potential relationship from happening between the two. She tells him that they are on different paths and the two could never work if they were ever in a relationship, nor does she want a relationship. Jae Guk is left heartbroken.

This part was particularly emotional as we see the hurt and pain in Young Eun’s eyes. She has gone through a lot of heartbreak in the past which has caused her to build walls around herself in order to protect her heart. Similarly, we also see Jae Guk’s heart completely torn as he sees how Young Eun is not going to let him into her life.

3. Jae Guk going back to Young Eun’s house

After Director Hwang and the squad of people, Jae Guk included, leave Young Eun’s house, Jae Guk takes a glance at Young Eun’s window from outside and sees her light still on. Something compels him to go back to her apartment. He rings her doorbell.

This part is angsty and we see the passion that Jae Guk feels towards Young Eun. He doesn’t understand why he goes back to her house, but he finds himself at her door, almost begging for her to let him back in. He’s emotional and completely opening his heart to her.

4. And then the kiss

Once Jae Guk rings the doorbell what feels like a hundred times, Young Eun finally opens the door. It’s an emotional moment as viewers are left wondering if she will open the door or not. When she does finally open the door, he slowly walks in to her house and the two end up kissing.

The kiss was unexpected, but the emotions were very much felt. In the voiceover, you can hear Jae Guk say, “I wanted to chec just how much of a hold you have on me.” This statement is so powerful in that it shows just how much Jae Guk can’t be without Young Eun. It is obvious he is completely in love with her, and Young Eun is afraid to fall for him. Despite this, the two continue to passionately kiss.

5. Discovering that Jae Guk and Soo Wan are brothers

Jae Guk shows up in front of Young Eun’s after finding out that her fashion company’s designs were copied and leaked. He comes like a knight in shining armor with an umbrella in hand protecting her from the rain. Jae Guk mentions a line that Soo Wan used to say, and it catches Young Eun off guard. Jae Guk tells Young Eun that Soo Wan is his older brother and that he passed away ten years ago.

This moment is particularly emotional for Young Eun as she had spent the last ten years of her life believing that Soo Wan had ghosted her. Tears well up in her eyes as she comes to realize that the man she had loved passed away. With the rain in the background, having Soo Wan’s younger brother in front of her telling her this was poignant and powerful.

6. “Did you miss me?”

Yoon Jae Guk has laid it all on the line and continues to show up in Ha Young Eun’s life despite her pushing him away. Just when Young Eun is convincing herself to let him go, he shows up at her work. He asks her if she had missed him and confesses that the future of their relationship is completely in her hands.

It’s an emotionally charged moment as Jae Guk is relentless in not giving up on Young Eun. Despite Young Eun having all the doubts and apprehensions of wanting to date her ex-boyfriend’s little brother, he is persistent in showing his feelings to her. Every time Jae Guk unexpectedly shows up and expresses his heartfelt feelings toward her, it draws in all our attention as we secretly root for these two to be together.

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