3 Heart-Fluttering Moments Between 2PM's Taecyeon And Kim Hye Yoon In

2PM’s Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon have been showing incredible chemistry in “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”!

tvN’s “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” is a historical comedy drama starring Taecyeon as Ra Yi Eon, a young gourmand who is appointed a secret royal inspector against his will. Kim Hye Yoon stars as Kim Jo Yi, a divorced woman searching for happiness who winds up joining forces with him to investigate and battle corruption.

Here are three heart-fluttering moments between the charming and dynamic “Jo Yi Eon” duo!

1. Their chaotic first meeting

Right off the bat, it was evident that Ra Yi Eon, who had unexpectedly become a secret royal inspector, and Kim Jo Yi, a newly divorced woman searching for happiness, were complete opposites. When they first met, Kim Jo Yi was unimpressed with Ra Yi Eon’s self-control in his disguise as “Bang Deuk-ie,” and Ra Yi Eon could not help but be shocked by the experience of being dismissed so casually for the first time in his life.

Kim Jo Yi did not hesitate to call out the mannerless Ra Yi Eon, leaving him at a loss for words. However, Kim Jo Yi was also occasionally caught off guard by Ra Yi Eon’s charms, such as when he recited difficult past tense with ease and refreshingly called out Pat Soon (Nam Mi Jung) for scolding Jo Yi. While he did make a fuss about it, Ra Yi Eon was ultimately always on Jo Yi’s side, even taking care of her final divorce documents, which hinted at the possibility of something more between the pair.

2. The birth of the perfect combo, “Jo Yi Eon”

Right before her divorce was finalized, Jo Yi ran into a secret royal inspector, an unwelcome visitor. However, she was even more taken aback when she realized the inspector was none other than “Bang Deuk-ie,” or Ra Yi Eon. He then pulled out the document of the ruling, announcing, “With my authority as a secret royal inspector, I approve this divorce,” thus giving Jo Yi the gift of freedom. The two then locked eyes, making viewers’ hearts flutter in what remains a memorable scene.

The moment marked the start of this dynamic duo, as their first effort at collaborating resulted in a success. After Jo Yi expressed her gratitude to Ra Yi Eon, he kindly replied, “You are the one who personally reclaimed your own life. Through your own courage.” His congratulatory recognition of Jo Yi’s worth and efforts signaled the start of the next chapter of her life.

3. Transforming into a fake married couple

After completing a mission, Yi Eon and Jo Yi went their separate ways to achieve their own set of goals. But what appeared to be a happy ending was turned upside down when the two reunited at a shrine and fell into a situation where they had to pretend to be married. As Kim Jo Yi had finally just gotten a divorce, the two were hilariously flustered as they became a fake married couple.

Ra Yi Eon and his crew snuck into the shrine to dig up the truth behind a suspected hotbed of corruption, but they were caught by Park Tae Seo (Lee Jae Kyun) and Cha Mal Jong (Jung Soon Won). To rescue them, Jo Yi confidently appeared and proclaimed herself to be Ra Yi Eon’s wife. However, they were only able to keep up the act for so long, as Cha Mal Jong told them to kiss if they were a real couple, or to curse the King. Jo Yi made the quick decision to kiss, shocking Yi Eon with her straightforward behavior. Stay tuned to see how their rollercoaster relationship evolves!

The next episode of tvN’s “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” will air on November 22 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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