BLACKSWAN's Agency Releases Statement About Conflict Between Members

BLACKSWAN’s agency, DR Music, has released a statement about speculation regarding a conflict between members Fatou and Leia.

BLACKSWAN (also known as Black Swan) is currently a four-member group composed of Youngheun, Leia, Fatou, and Judy. The group was formerly known as Rania and has undergone several lineup changes since their debut.

On November 20, DR Music released the following statement in Korean and English:

Hello, this is DR Music. This is our official statement regarding issues that recently arose within the team.

BLACKSWAN is currently in the midst of Korean promotions for their album, “Close to Me,” and have started to receive a lot of support and attention. For this, we are sincerely grateful to LUMINA [BLACKSWAN’s fans]. BLACKSWAN is a group that has just started to receive attention as idols, and one that is assembled from members of various nationalities, languages, and cultures. Since many diverse opinions and cultures coexist within our team, there is greater need for mutual respect and understanding compared to other K-pop teams.

All of the staff at DR Music apologize to LUMINA for the fact that internal issues within the team were distorted by others and spread to fans as if they were true. When people from diverse backgrounds work together, there can be various clashes and differences of opinion. However, a constructive argument between members about the better completion of their work should not be provocatively framed as bullying and sow further discord within our team.

Over the past few days, we had a lot of discussions with the members, and through this incident, the agency and the members both realized and acknowledged the importance of one another. We have also vowed once again to do our best until these album promotions are complete.

We thank the fans who love and support BLACKSWAN from the bottom of our hearts, and Fatou and Leia and the others will prove through these promotions that their friendship has not changed.

LUMINA is one. It is not desirable for us to stand divided and criticize each other. We earnestly request that those who are attacking the members, their families, and other fans, as well as making racist verbal attacks and actions, put a stop to their behavior.

Currently, BLACKSWAN is the only K-pop team with members from Europe and Latin America. The entire process of making a team like this is a challenge and experiment for us. We were also frustrated and wanted to release a statement from the agency right away, but we believed that the process of understanding each other, talking with each other, and mending things was more important in solving their internal issues than forcing the agency’s intervention upon them, even if it took more time. This is why it took time for us to release this statement.

As this is a first challenge for us, we acknowledge that there are parts when we were lacking, and will do our best in future for the management and growth of the members. Through the fans’ critiques and feedback, we will provide a strong foundation for BLACKSWAN’s growth so that they can become a group that everyone loves.

Even now, the members are working hard in the practice room. LUMINA, please stop arguing further as well. In particular, criticism regarding a certain race or nationality undermines our positive intentions in forming a global girl group.

Thank you.

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