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November is filled to the brim with new Korean dramas! From historical romance dramas to mystery thrillers, there’s something for everyone. As there are so many K-dramas on Viki right now that cannot be missed, we are presenting the Top 6 dramas this month, rather than the usual Top 5. Here they are:


Created by writer Kim Eun Hee and director Lee Eung Bok of “Goblin,” “Jirisan” is a mystery drama starring Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger at Mount Jiri National Park, and Joo Ji Hoon as her rookie partner Kang Hyun Jo, who is hiding a supernatural secret. Together, the two rangers begin to uncover the truth behind odd accidents that occur in the unexplored regions of the mountain. Will their skills be enough to unravel the mysteries of Mount Jiri, or will the untamed wilds of the mountain prove to be too much?

Join the rangers on the thrilling adventure to unravel the mystery surrounding the mountain:

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Let Me Be Your Knight

Yoon Tae In (Lee Jun Young), the leader, vocalist, and producer of popular idol band LUNA, lives a perfect life as a top star who’s loved by fans all over the world. But when the band’s latest album ends up a failure, he develops a severe case of sleepwalking. Just then, travel guide In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun) runs into Yoon Tae In by chance and manages to move into LUNA’s dorm where she is expected to treat Yoon Tae In’s condition as his “doctor.” She does everything she can to carry out her duties as a “doctor,” but Yoon Tae In shows no signs of getting better. The romance drama also stars NU’EST’s JR as bassist Lee Shin, AB6IX‘s Kim Dong Hyun as keyboardist Woo Ga On, Yoon Ji Sung as drummer Kim Yoo Chan, and Jang Dong Joo as guitarist Seo Woo Yeon.

Watch the light-hearted idol romance drama below!

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Secret Royal Inspector & Joy

“Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” is a historical comedy drama starring 2PM’s Taecyeon as Ra Yi Eon, a young gourmand whose dream is to open a small dumpling shop outside the capital, where land is cheap. But his sharp mind gets him through the state examination and even secures him a coveted government official position as secret royal inspector, whose task is to go undercover and hunt out corruption. He becomes acquainted with Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon), an unconventional Joseon-era woman who divorces her no-good husband in order to seek happiness. Ra Yi Eon joins forces with the decisive and confident Kim Jo Yi, and together they travel to local provinces to uncover corruption.

Check out the comedic and romantic fusion historical drama “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”:

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Set in a private school that is rife with corruption, “Melancholia” is a drama about a passionate math teacher named Ji Yoon Soo (Im Soo Jung) and a former math prodigy named Baek Seung Yoo (Lee Do Hyun), who has lost both his love of math and his way in life due to a past trauma. Ji Yoon Soo sees Seung Yoo’s potential in math and is determined to help the struggling student. However, rumors of a romantic relationship between the pair begin to spread around school, and it doesn’t take long for Ji Yoon Soo’s world to come crashing down around her. Four years later, Ji Yoon Soo and Baek Seung Yoo reunite and decide to expose the corruption at Ahseong High School and regain Ji Yoon Soon’s reputation as an excellent teacher.

Dive into the story of broken dreams and new beginnings:

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“Chimera” is a thriller crime drama about a serial explosion case from 1984, called the Chimera Case, that has seemingly returned after 35 years. Violent crimes detective Cha Jae Hwan (Park Hae Soo), criminal profiler Eugene Hathaway (Claudia Kim), and surgeon Lee Joong Yeob (Lee Hee Joon) search for the truth behind the Chimera Case, each for their own reasons. But as they chase the Chimera Killer and dig deeper into the case, things only appear to get even more horrifying. Does the trio have what it takes to catch the killer before they strike again?

Experience the heart-pounding action and suspense in “Chimera”:

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The Red Sleeve

“The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama about the imperial romance between crown prince Yi San (Lee Junho), who later becomes King Jeongjo, and the strong-willed court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young). Yi San falls in love with Seong Deok Im and tries to convince her to become his official concubine, but she is free-spirited and understands that becoming his royal consort would limit her freedom. However, she decides that she can help him by uniting with him and eventually becomes King Jeongjo’s concubine.

Catch the beautiful historical love story “The Red Sleeve” here:

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