Lee Jun Young, JR, Yoon Ji Sung, Kim Dong Hyun, And Jang Dong Joo Talk About Playing A Fictional Band, Similarities To Characters, And More

Let Me Be Your Knight” group LUNA recently teamed up with Singles magazine for an interview!

SBS’s “Let Me Be Your Knight” is a romance drama about a popular idol band named LUNA and a travel guide named In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun), who pretends to be their doctor and moves into their dorm to treat a sleepwalking member. U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young stars as LUNA’s leader, vocalist, and producer Yoon Tae In; NU’EST’s JR plays bassist Lee Shin; AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun plays keyboardist Woo Ga On; Yoon Ji Sung plays drummer Kim Yoo Chan; and Jang Dong Joo plays guitarist Seo Woo Yeon.

Despite being a fictional group, the group has released a music video, a single album, and are now participating in a group photo shoot!

While Lee Joon Young typically enjoys drawing to relieve his stress, these days, he’s gotten into the habit of reading over his script. In order to perfectly portray his character, he practiced his ability to get into character on the spot. He added, “This project was like a test of how focused I could be on my character.”

Although “Let Me Be Your Knight” is Yoon Ji Sung’s drama debut, he has previously showcased his acting talent in musicals. However, he shared that he was still very nervous to watch the drama premiere. Thanks to his co-stars Kim Jong Hyun (JR) and Kim Dong Hyun, whom he appeared with on “Produce 101 Season 2,” Yoon Ji Sung shared that he was able to let go of a lot of his nerves in such an unfamiliar environment. Yoon Ji Sung also revealed, “Since we worked together as one team in the band LUNA, we became so close that we naturally started talking about wanting to go on a trip together after filming. For the first time in awhile, I felt a sense of belonging in a team so it was like I got the green light after my slightly lonely solo promotions.”

He also touched on how different band recordings were from typical album recordings, sharing, “There were a lot of directions where I had to make rough noises and I felt pressure about having to hit a high note while playing the drums.” Despite these concerns, Yoon Ji Sung was able to display his professionalism through his incredible immersion into the role of Kim Yoo Chan.

While Kim Dong Hyun and his character Woo Ga On have opposite personalities, their love for band music is the same. Kim Dong Hyun shared that he’s been in bands since middle school and that he dreamt of becoming a musician that made music like Jang Beom June and Maroon 5. This allowed him to focus more on his role as a member of LUNA and made him extra excited during their music recordings.

While working on his first drama from a public broadcasting station, he shed tears after receiving a surprise coffee truck from AB6IX’s Jeon Woong and was able to work alongside some familiar faces, such as Yoon Ji Sung and Kim Jong Hyun. Kim Dong Hyun commented, “After only promoting within a team, the LUNA members were able to fill the loneliness and emptiness you feel the moment you begin solo activities. Acting brings out an inner side to myself that I haven’t yet encountered.”

“Let Me Be Your Knight” is also the drama debut for JR, but because he’s led his NU’EST members all these years, he is not completely unfamiliar with his role as LUNA’s Lee Shin. He explained, “This is a different team and because it’s an extension of my main job, if anything, I wanted to be even more focused. When my promotions were overlapping, even if I had to lose sleep, I didn’t slack off with monitoring and analyzing the script and I also fiercely practiced the bass. These days, I’m simultaneously practicing for NU’EST’s concert but even while I’m busy, I feel happy that I get to do these things.”

JR continued, “Since ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ is my first project, it’s that much more precious.” He commented that reading viewers’ comments of support helps him feel his own growth and that he wants to express his gratitude. JR added that because he’s always been the leader of his group, he’s found fun in relying on his older members in LUNA for a change.

Due to his husky voice, Jang Dong Joo revealed that he’s heard from a young age that he could be a rock musician, leading him to cautiously develop a dream for that. Jang Dong Joo expressed his happiness of finally fulfilling that dream through “Let Me Be Your Knight” where he debuts as LUNA’s guitarist Seo Woo Yeon. In order to perfect his portrayal of a guitarist, Jang Dong Joo shared that he practiced lots and referred to clips of Coldplay and CNBLUE to learn about how to interact with an audience. He then joked, “I want to meet our Moonlight [LUNA’s fan club] in a very big concert hall.”

You can check out LUNA’s full interview in the December issue of Singles magazine!

Start watching “Let Me Be Your Knight” with subtitles here!

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