Watch: Lee Seung Gi And EXO's Kai Tease Their Chemistry In Backstage Q&A Ahead Of

Knowing Bros” has released another sneak peek at Lee Seung Gi and EXO’s Kai’s upcoming appearance with a backstage Q&A!

After introducing themselves as brothers, they read out the first question, “Which cast member did you miss the most or what are you most regretful about?” Lee Seung Gi replies, “First off, the hyungs I missed the most are of course [Kang] Ho Dong or [Lee] Soo Geun.” He continues, “Next, I missed all of them, since I’m also really close to [Seo] Jang Hoon.”

Kai adds, “Although I like all the hyungs there, [Lee] Jin Ho hyung? Because it’s the first time [as Lee Jin Ho is a new fixed cast member].” Laughing, he continues, “Honestly, in a new ‘Knowing Bros’ position, will Jin Ho really suit that position?” Lee Seung Gi agrees and the two joke that they will be observing how well Lee Jin Ho does.

Next, Kai is asked to pick three of Lee Seung Gi’s charms. Kai answers, “First off, I have never seen someone like you. Really, throughout my 10 years living as a celebrity. To put it positively, [you’re] a genuine professional. To find out what a real professional is, you just have to look at Lee Seung Gi. Whether it’s variety, singing, but on top of that, the attitude through which he does those.”

For Kai’s question to Lee Seung Gi, Kai mentions how often Lee Seung Gi praised him while filming their variety show “New World” and how that gave him pressure. Lee Seung Gi explains, “The reason I praised [you] is because Kai has so many good qualities, but number one is, ‘Oh, this friend is very sincere.’ Ultimately, the work we do is work that humans do, so it really has to have sincerity.”

Lee Seung Gi continues, “[Kai is] more easygoing than I expected. What I mean by ‘easygoing’ is that I don’t think he’s picky. Even though you’re EXO, an idol, and one of our country’s best dancers, you’re not picky as a star.”

Lastly, Lee Seung Gi explains, “He’s smart. He absorbs situations like [they’re his] skin.” Kai replies while laughing, “Do you know why you feel that way? While filming ‘New World,’ I was observing you. I was copying you. It’s like watching yourself. Since it’s like watching yourself, honestly instead of liking me, you just love your own self.”

Due to his recent performance with dance crew Hook on “Master in the House,” Kai asks Lee Seung Gi if he has any plans to promote with a dance song. Immediately, Lee Seung Gi jokingly responds, “If I can just say one thing, I wasn’t able to overcome my trauma. Basically, I’m only good at choreographed dances.”

He adds, “Also, if I do a dance track, I would do it if I could bring laughs to many people, but singers can’t be too humorous. And Kai’s here, what would I be doing dancing?” concluding that he ultimately would not.

Finally, Lee Seung Gi asks Kai to do a 10-second spoiler for his upcoming album “Peaches.” While doing the “Peaches” choreography, Kai quickly comments, “The point for ‘Peaches’ is the picking peaches choreography. When you listen to this song, you will feel like you’re in utopia, so please give ‘Peaches’ lots of love. If you eat a peach while listening to this song, I think you’ll be in a really good mood. I love you all!”

Watch the full Q&A below!

Lee Seung Gi and Kai’s “Knowing Bros” broadcast will air on December 4 at 8:40 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Lee Seung Gi in “Master in the House” below!

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