SHINee’s Onew, Lovelyz’ Yoo Jiae, INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Kim So Jung, And More Cast In Upcoming Short-Form Horror Series

Upcoming short-form horror series “4 minutes and 44 seconds” (literal title) has confirmed its star-studded lineup!

Lotte Entertainment’s short-form horror story “4 minutes and 44 seconds” deals with topics closely related to one’s daily life in the limited space of their apartment, such as ASMR, package deliveries, and noisy neighbors.

The series will be produced in 8 parts and each episode will be exactly 4 minutes and 44 seconds long. The content planning, format, and plot has all be done by Lotte Entertainment who aim to present horror and a new type of fun within this short time.

“4 minutes and 44 seconds” flaunts a star-studded cast lineup of Lovelyz’s Yoo Jiae, Ham Yeon Ji, SHINee’s Onew, INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Kim So Jung (Sowon), Lim Nayoung, Lee Soo Min, Kwon Hyun Bin, Kim Ji Hoon, Park Tae In, Jang Young Nam, Jo Ji Seung, Ryu Sung Hyun, and more.

Yoo Jiae will be making her acting debut, while musical actress Ham Yeon Ji will play the mother of a young girl. SHINee’s Onew and INFINITE’s Sungyeol have previously showcased their acting talent in a wide variety of genres and will present a new side to themselves with this horror story. They will be joined by former GFRIEND member Kim So Jung.

Former I.O.I member Lim Nayoung will showcase refreshing chemistry with Lee Soo Min. Kwon Hyun Bin, Kim Ji Hoon, and Park Tae In will appear as realistic close friends. Veteran actors Jang Young Nam, Ryu Sung Hyun, and musical actress Jo Ji Seung will be working together.

“4 minutes and 44 seconds” began filming on December 1.

Start watching Onew in “Descendants of the Sun” with subtitles here!

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