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Ahn Eun Jin spoke about her character in JTBC’s upcoming drama “The One and Only”!

“The One and Only” is an emotional romance drama about three terminally ill women who meet at a hospice. They decide that before they die, they want to take down one bad guy before they go—but in their attempt to take down just one person, they wind up meeting the most valuable person of their lives.

Ahn Eun Jin stars in the drama as Pyo In Sook, a stubborn and insensitive woman who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Sharing her thoughts on what she liked about the drama, the actress said, “When I first read the script, I remember I got completely caught up in reading it because of the fast-paced storyline.”

Ahn Eun Jin also described her character, saying, “Pyo In Sook is someone who isn’t in touch with her own emotions, and she hasn’t learned how to form relationships with other people.” However, Pyo In Sook ironically learns a lot through the process of heading towards her own death. Her unfortunate destiny starts to become less unfortunate as she discovers love, friendships, comfort, and more along the way.

Using the phrase “going towards the light” to describe death, the actress remarked that her character’s destiny of facing death shouldn’t only be interpreted as a sad reality because it’s something everyone goes through. Quoting a specific line from the script, she added, “The only difference is whether you know when you’re going to die or not.”

Ahn Eun Jin commented on her concerns about the drama, saying, “I was worried about whether or not I could portray my character well, but I came to understand things on my own terms while receiving help from the director and the other actors.”

Describing the friendship Pyo In Sook builds with Kang Se Yeon (played by Kang Ye Won) and Sung Mi Do (played by Red Velvet‘s Joy), she said, “The scenes become more rich and colorful when the three of us are together. We’re really having a lot of fun during filming, and the atmosphere is very comfortable. Sometimes, I even like Mi Do and Se Yeon better than [Kim Kyung Nam‘s character Min Woo Chun].”

Finally, Ahn Eun Jin said to the viewers, “I hope that Pyo In Sook’s heartwarming journey and experience as she finds something truly precious can be a time that brings you comfort and peace.”

“The One and Only” premieres on December 20 at 11 p.m. KST.

While you wait, watch Ahn Eun Jin in “More Than Friends” below!

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