Park Hyung Sik, Han Hyo Joo, And Jo Woo Jin Get Entangled In Threatening Situations In

tvN has released new stills of ahead of the upcoming episode of their Friday-Saturday drama “Happiness”!

“Happiness” is an apocalyptic urban thriller set in the near future inside an apartment building that is stratified by social standing. The high-rise apartment is sealed off when a new infectious disease emerges, and the drama depicts the fear, psychological battles, and desperate struggles for survival that ensue.

Han Hyo Joo stars in the drama as Yoon Sae Bom, a tactical agent in the Seoul Police Special Operations Unit, while Park Hyung Sik stars as detective Jung Yi Hyun, her former high school classmate who has feelings for her.


In the previous episode, the conflict reached its peak because of people’s selfishness. Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun eventually exploded with anger because the residents prioritized survival over their conscience. In addition, Lee Bo Ram (Han Da Sol), the part-time employee of the nearby market, and Chang Sun Woo (Cha Soon Bae), the pastor who took the medication Next that had been distributed at the gym, became infected with the mysterious disease. The alarmed people became more selfish than ever, but viewers were shocked at the sight of Jung Yi Hyun examining his discolored wounds.

The new stills show Yoon Sae Bom, Jung Yi Hyun, and Han Tae Suk (Jo Woo Jin) facing various challenges. First off, Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun visit Kim Se Hoon’s (Han Joon Woo‘s) apartment that is filled with an assortment of supplies. The residents started to covet his home because they were running out of food. At the request of Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun, Kim Se Hoon said he would consider sharing with the others. However, Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun experience a chilly tension in his apartment. Yoon Sae Bom, who communicates with someone through a walkie-talkie, stiffens at once, and Jung Yi Hyun’s shoulders become rigid as usual. What happened to Kim Se Hoon?

Another set of stills depict Han Tae Suk facing his own dilemma. In his wife’s hospital room, he is aiming a gun at a mysterious man who is blocking him. His expression is shadowed with complex emotions, and he looks urgent and desperate to fight for something. Lee Ji Soo (Park Joo Hee) has lowered her weapon and is examining her opponent’s movements. What has happened to Han Tae Suk and his wife?

The drama’s producers commented, “As people in apartment 101 disappear one by one, another variable that threatens survival will appear. In addition, those who have reached their peak of survival instincts, conflicts, and crises will face decisive moments of choice. Please wait and see what they will decide to do and how they will overcome the calamity.”

The next episode of “Happiness” will air on December 4 at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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