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Wi Ha Joon, who recently skyrocketed to global stardom through the hit series “Squid Game,” dished on his upcoming drama “Bad and Crazy”!

Directed by Yoo Sun Dong and written by Kim Sae Bom, who previously joined forces for the hit OCN drama “The Uncanny Counter,” tvN’s “Bad and Crazy” is a new redemption drama about the chaotic events that unfold when two unlikely heroes come together. Lee Dong Wook will star as the capable “bad guy” Ryu Soo Yeol, while Wi Ha Joon will star as “crazy guy” K, a vigilante who is exceedingly passionate about justice.

Describing why he had chosen the drama as his next project, Wi Ha Joon explained, “When I read the script, the story was fast-paced and exhilarating, the characters were all charming, and the relationships between them were also fun and intriguing.”

He went on to recall, “In particular, I found it appealing that K was a character who could showcase a wide variety of colors, which made me want to take on the challenge of playing him. And above all, I had faith that if director Yoo Sun Dong directed ‘Bad and Crazy,’ the drama would become even richer and fuller.”

Wi Ha Joon spoke fondly of his unique character in the drama, whom he repeatedly described as “cute” despite being “crazy” and dangerous.

“K’s charm is that he’s a character with lots of different sides, from his rough charisma to his innocence, his cute side, his clumsy side, his fun side, and also his powerful action [scenes],” said the actor. “Viewers will be able to experience lots of different fun through watching K, who will touch their hearts while also delivering laughs and thrills.”

When asked about similarities between the character and his real-life personality, Wi Ha Joon replied, “While [K] and I are different in many respects in real life, I think I’m similar to K in the way that when I talk to my close friends, I sometimes use a mischievous tone or show my childish side.”

Wi Ha Joon also opened up about his initial struggles with the challenging role. “Even my fellow actors told me that ‘K is a really difficult role,’ so at the beginning of filming, I felt a lot of pressure and found [the role] extremely challenging,” he confessed. “As I began playing the character, I worried a lot about how I could make my portrayal of K blend naturally into the drama. The director and I spent a lot of time sharing our opinions with one another, and over time, while diligently following his detailed directions, I gradually wound up feeling one day that I was melding into K.”

He adorably went on to share, “I’ve now fallen for K’s charms to the point where K seems lovable to me. In my acting, I’m focusing on showing that he’s cute and definitely crazy, but not scary or unlikable.”

When asked to rate his chemistry with co-star Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Joon confidently answered, “100 out of 100.”

He went on to recall, “Dong Wook has such a strong aura that I initially worried, “Will we be able to work well together?’ But now, I can say with complete confidence that our chemistry is the best. Whenever we act together, I’m always touched and impressed by how considerate [Lee Dong Wook] is in terms of going along with every little thing I do, and I’m having a lot of fun filming with him. That’s why I’m even more excited to see the chemistry between Soo Yeol and K [when the drama airs].”

As for the scene he’s most looking forward to watching, Wi Ha Joon responded, “The junkyard action scene. It was a scene for which our teamwork was extremely important, and after we filmed it, I thought to myself, ‘[Dong Wook] and I have really become a team.'”

Finally when asked to choose one key point that viewers should look forward to in the drama, Wi Ha Joon replied, “It’s hard to pick just one, and if you start watching, you’ll know right away what I mean.”

“The drama is full of fun elements,” he continued. “I’m confident that it will give viewers plenty of entertainment, refreshing fun, and lots of joy.”

“Bad and Crazy” will premiere on December 17 at 10:40 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

While you wait for “Bad and Crazy,” watch Wi Ha Joon in his drama “18 Again” with subtitles below:

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