2PM's Chansung And Kim Seung Soo Appear To Shake Up The Story In

2PM’s Chansung and Kim Seung Soo will be joining the action in Channel A’s new drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”!

“The Queen’s House” is a drama about a woman who supports another woman’s affair—without knowing that the affair is with her own husband. Song Yoon Ah stars as Han Sun Joo, the queen of her picture-perfect family, Lee Sung Jae stars as Shin Myung Seob, her seemingly devoted husband, and Jun So Min stars as Yoon Mi Ra, who befriends Han Sun Joo while secretly having an affair with her husband.

Chansung also stars in the drama as Han Jung Won, Han Sun Joo’s little brother. Although missing from the main action thus far, the new stills from the drama show Han Sun Joo waiting at the airport for someone. This is Han Jung Won, who has been studying abroad but has returned to Korea. The stills show the close relationship between brother and sister as they walk arm in arm through the airport.

Also at the airport, Han Sun Joo runs into Cha Young Hoon (Kim Seung Soo). Cha Young Hoon was Han Sun Joo’s closest friend in university. He is a renowned psychiatrist who is coming back to Korea after winning a Gairdner International Award, an award that is said to be the Nobel Prize of medical science. Despite the reporters surrounding him, Cha Young Hoon greets Han Sun Joo with a warm smile.

The drama’s staff stated, “Han Jung Won and Cha Young Hoon will blow a new wind into the story with their appearance. Chansung and Kim Seung Soo perfectly captured their characters as Han Jung Won, who hides a secret pain despite being close with his sister, and Cha Young Hoon, who hides romantic feelings for Han Sun Joo under their longtime friendship.”

The drama also unveiled stills of Song Yoon Ah and Lee Sung Jae at a tango lesson. Their characters, Han Sun Joo and Shin Myung Seob, live in an exclusive townhouse complex for the upper classes. At a social event for the townhouse complex, Han Sun Joo and Shin Myung Seob stand out among all the other couples for their elegance and easy chemistry, although the viewers know that all is not as it appears.

Other couples at the lesson include Choi Eun Kyung (Kim Hae In) and Ahn Do Hyuk (Kim Young Joon) and Park Ye Rang (Lee Sun Jin) and Lee Jun Sang (Kim Jung Tae), both married couples who are surprisingly tense around each other. Although they hold the same pose as Han Sun Joo and Shin Myung Seob, the vibe is completely different.

Choi Eun Kyung is the only daughter of a nouveau riche family and Ahn Do Hyuk is the chief prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. Park Ye Rang grew up in lavish surroundings, while Lee Jun Sang is the CEO of jewelry company. Their resumés and backgrounds leave nothing to be desired, but unlike the seemingly perfect Han Sun Joo and Shin Myung Seob, they can’t hide the cracks in their lives.

The only woman who is dancing without her husband is Christina Jung (Oh Seung Eun), who lives alone after divorcing her husband. She is dancing with the tango master, Jung Se Hyun.

This episode of “Show Window: The Queen’s House” airs on December 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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