WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn) Talks About His Latest Album, Current Fashion Favorites, And More

WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn) recently participated in a pictorial and interview with Singles Magazine!

In the interview, WOODZ talked about how he has kept busy with promotions for his recent mini album “ONLY LOVERS LEFT,” which was released on October 5. “I was really busy when I was making the album itself. Of course, the album promotions were hectic as well, but if I think back on it now, I feel like the promotional activities for this album were less tiring than those of previous albums. I think it is because I found a bit of time to relax,” he shared. “I think I will be busy again soon since I have to prepare for my upcoming concert as well as set plans for next year.”

When talking about the message he wanted to convey with his latest mini album release, WOODZ stated, “From track No. 1 to track No. 6, I incorporated the feelings of love from its beginning to just before its end. I believe that those listening to the album will learn that this is how love runs its course. I hope that people will approach listening to the album the same way they approach watching a film. I put a lot of effort into creating an emotional album that allows listeners to experience all kinds of feelings.”

WOODZ went on to elaborate on the focus of this mini album by adding, “Whenever I work on an album, I always focus most on making it appropriate for mass consumption. Of course, the most important thing to me is making music that I like, but I cannot help but think about whether the public feels the same way I do. That is why I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can express what I like in a way that is fitting for public consumption.”

The interviewer moved on to asking WOODZ about his recent fashion favorites, to which the singer responded, “I am not the type of person to decide on a specific style and stick to it. I pick out what I wear depending on the situation and depending on how I feel that day. Recently, I have been into the different colors and textures of clothing. I even bought pink denim jeans a while back. Other than that, I have also been into bracelets made with string or beads.”

When asked about his most prized item of clothing, the singer stated, “This is not necessarily my favorite, but I do wear these earrings almost every day. The earrings have kind of become a part of me, so they are past the point of just being my favorite. The earrings are a bit of a long story, but I tried them in all sizes, and I like the smallest size that I am wearing now the best.”

WOODZ tends to be very active on social media and utilizes Instagram lives to connect with his fans often. As for how he feels when he communicates with fans, WOODZ said, “I feel as though I am talking to a friend. I am usually quite a shy person, but the more I use social media to communicate with fans, the closer I feel to them. It has been a while since I saw my fans face to face due to COVID-19, so I am a bit worried about how to act when I see them again.”

The singer concluded his interview by commenting on what he would have done if he had not become a musician. “I have actually never thought about that. I feel like I would have done something related to fashion, art, or physical education.” WOODZ then amusingly added, “I don’t think I would have ever worked in an office.”

WOODZ also touched on what he wants to achieve through music by saying, “I hope that people will think of me as a musician who genuinely loves music, creates good music, and knows how to have fun.”

Check out the music video for WOODZ’s latest song “WAITING” here!

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