What To Look Out For In 2nd Half Of “Now We Are Breaking Up”

Now We Are Breaking Up” is already halfway through!

The SBS romance drama is about love and breakups set against the backdrop of the fashion industry. Song Hye Kyo stars as Ha Young Eun, a fashion designer with a firmly realistic outlook on life, and Jang Ki Yong stars as Yoon Jae Guk, an intelligent freelance photographer who changes her mind about love.


As the series jumps into the second half of its story, here are three points to look forward to.

1. Will Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk get their happily ever after?

Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk became drawn to each other at first sight. Their relationship actually begun in Paris ten years ago, but it took them quite some time to find each other. However, they weren’t able to smoothly start a relationship because Yoon Jae Guk is actually the brother of Ha Young Eun’s late lover Yoon Soo Wan (Shin Dong Wook).

Despite the shocking fact, Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk couldn’t stay away from each other, and they decided to follow their hearts and not their minds. However, more obstacles blocked their romance, including Shin Yoo Jung (Yoon Jung Hee) and Min Hye Ok (Cha Hwa Yeon). Can Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk be happily in love like ordinary lovers?

2. What kind of relationship will stem between Hwang Chi Sook (Choi Hee Seo) and Seok Do Hoon (Kim Joo Heon)?

The romance between Hwang Chi Sook and Seok Do Hoon started to ignite as well. As the daughter of a fashion company CEO, Hwang Chi Sook lives a shameless life, but the shameful truth is that she’s not as gifted as Ha Young Eun is. On the other hand, Seok Do Hoon is a successful businessman with a heart of gold, but he’s awkward when it comes to love. The two adults started to fall for each other, and they made viewers laugh with their pure yet clumsy love story. Their relationship can be compared to a rollercoaster. Sometimes, it’s relentless, and sometimes, it’s sentimental, so curiosity is mounting over what direction their romance will head towards.

3. Will Jeon Mi Sook (Park Hyo Joo) be able to defeat her illness?

Jeon Mi Sook lived a quiet and ordinary life as a housewife, but one day, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. All this time, she has been trying to be a good wife and mother, so even after she knew about her illness, she didn’t tell anyone in fear they would have a hard time. However, everyone ended up finding out when Jeon Mi Sook collapsed and went to the emergency room. Jeon Mi Sook told Ha Young Eun that she would not receive chemotherapy, and bit by bit, she prepared to say goodbye to her dearest ones, including her cheating husband Kwak Soo Ho (Yoon Na Moo). Will Jeon Mi Sook really lose her battle to cancer, or will she gain enough courage to try and live for the sake of her family and friends?

“Now We Are Breaking Up” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST.

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