ATEEZ Talks About Their New Album, Making A Speedy Comeback, Upcoming World Tour, And More

ATEEZ made their comeback on December 10 with the new album “ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE” and two title tracks, “Turbulence” and “The Real (Heung Ver.)“!

In a Q&A for their comeback, the ATEEZ members discussed their new album, making a comeback just a few months after their last one, and their upcoming 2022 world tour.

About making a comeback so soon after “ZERO : FEVER Part. 3,” Hongjoong said, “It’s an album that encompasses this entire year, so it’s exciting. It felt like we were preparing a surprise gift for our fans by showing them music they wanted to hear and performances they wanted to see.”

Seonghwa said, “It’s very moving that this is the end of our ‘FEVER’ series. In being able to share this album with fans, I realized, ‘ATEEZ is growing along with them.'” Yeosang said, “Our music videos were so much fun to film that we were excited to share them with fans as fast as possible.” Mingi added, “When I started the rap making on ‘Turbulence,’ I thought, ‘I really want to share this song with fans before the end of the year,’ and I’m happy that my wish came true.”

About the new album, Jongho said, “It’s our graduation album for the ‘FEVER’ series. In the teaser content, we wore graduation caps and gowns and held diplomas to capture that ‘graduation’ vibe. I hope that people can experience in the album the introduction and conclusion of the passions and explorations of youth.”

Wooyoung said, “We wanted to make a positive impact on fans and the general public through our songs and our performances, so we put a lot of relatable stories into the album. It would be nice if those were felt by the listeners.”

About “The Real,” San said, “Just like humility or courtesy, we wanted to show through the song that what’s real is what’s inside and that this was ATEEZ’s ‘real.’ It’s a song with a long of ‘heung’ through the combination of traditional instruments and the hip hop trap beat.”

Hongjoong said, “While we were filming the music video for ‘The Real,’ we wore hanbok and walked into the set with calligraphy everywhere and for a moment my heart was moved. I can’t forget that feeling. And when we were working on the album, it felt like a time where we could reflect on the past two years with ‘FEVER.'”

Asked to share a message for their 2021 selves, Yunho said, “Even though it feels like we can take pride in how hard we’ve worked, let’s remember that we worked hard and not forget where we came from! Thank you so much to our members, families, and our staff, who work hard behind the scenes for us, you all worked really hard this year!”

In January, ATEEZ kicks off their 2022 world tour in Seoul. Hongjoong said, “Our world tour was pushed back two years for reasons beyond our control. We feel apologetic, but also grateful to our fans for waiting for us. We want to create even more amazing performances and a space where we can connect to each other, so please look forward to it!”

San added, “It’s a chance for ATEEZ to properly show what we’re best at. We prepared performances that our fans can be proud of and think, ‘Yes, this is what ATEEZ is.'”

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