7 K-Drama Roles By 2PM’s Taecyeon That Are Unforgettable

With 2PM’s Taecyeon currently melting all the hearts as Ra Yi Eon in the delightful historical romance drama “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy,” we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of this heart-stealing idol-turned-actor’s previous works. Here are seven unforgettable K-drama roles that Taecyeon has taken on over the years.

1. “Dream High

One of the most iconic and memorable roles of Taecyeon is the part he played as Jin Guk in this idol-filled high school drama. As a teen struggling not only to make his dreams of becoming a K-pop idol come true but also struggling to gain the recognition he so desperately desires from his cold-hearted father, Jin Guk is a character created specifically to be loved. If his sad back story didn’t melt your heart, his killer smile would.

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2. “Who Are You

Transitioning from high school heart-breaker to heartthrob rookie cop, Taecyeon’s next stand-out role was that of Cha Gun Woo in the ghost-filled mystery crime drama “Who Are You.” Forced to team up with Yang Shi Ohn (So Yi Hyun), a detective who can now see ghosts after waking up from a six-year coma, the unlikely pair decide to use this new gift to solve a number of previously unsolvable cold cases. With killer chemistry, just enough chills to keep things interesting, and one very handsome, very jealous, and very dead ex-boyfriend (played by Kim Jae Wook), this stands out as one of Taecyeon’s most memorable roles.

3. “Bring It On Ghost

Keeping with the ghostly theme, this next drama sees Taecyeon progressing from the role of supernatural skeptic to that of one who can not only see spirits but actively exorcizes them. Having been able to see ghosts since childhood, Taecyeon’s character Park Bong Pal has harnessed this power to become a rather skilled exorcist. Taking on a job at a haunted high school, Bong Pal meets the wandering spirit Kim Hyun Ji, played by Kim So Hyun. Agreeing to help Hyun Ji unravel the mystery of her past in order to help her move on, the spirit and exorcist team up to fight a number of ghosts. Of course there’s a whole dramatic back story tying the two together and a super creepy bad guy haunting them now, which only serves to make this drama a chilling delight.

Watch the first episode of “Bring It On, Ghost” here:

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4. “Save Me”

Though we leave the world of ghosts behind with this next unforgettable Taecyeon drama, we find ourselves taking a much darker turn as our beloved hero takes on the role of Han Sang Hwan. In this series, Taecyeon plays a powerful politician’s son who uses his father’s power and influence to not only save Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) from the clutches of a powerful cult but also exposes the vile organization to the world. Delving deep into a world of power, money, and utter evil, Sang Hwan soon finds himself in way over his head. Though the odds are against him, Sang Hwan refuses to give up on Sang Mi, making him a hero for the ages.

5. “7 First Kisses”

Perhaps one of the shortest titles on this list, this bubbly little drammercial had to be added for no other reason other than the fact that it’s guaranteed to make you smile. Created as nothing more than an advertising campaign for the Lotte Duty Free Shop, this promotional web series sees Taecyeon stepping into the role of well…himself. Working as a love-starved store employee, Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) is visited by a goddess who bestows upon her the ultimate gift: the chance to pick a perfect partner. Visited by what could arguably be called the seven most perfect men on the planet, including our beloved Taecyeon, Soo Jin must decide who her perfect match is. As the title implies, each visit ends with a kiss, which makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is how Soo Jin can pick just one perfect man when she’s just been visited by seven!

6. “The Game: Towards Zero

Moving from light to dark, we leave the fluffy world of first kisses behind us and travel back into the world of the supernatural with this next drama. Born with a disturbing ability, Taecyeon’s character Kim Tae Pyung can look into a person’s eyes and see the exact moment they will die. When a girl is kidnapped by a notorious killer, Tae Pyung is asked to help on the case. Teaming up with Detective Joon Young (Lee Yeon Hee), the two race against time to stop the killer before he can strike again.

Watch the first episode of “The Game: Towards Zero” here:

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7. “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”

It just doesn’t seem right to create a list like this and not include Taecyeon’s most recent drama. Though technically it might not count to say the role of Yi Eon is a memorable one as the drama is currently airing, it feels wrong to leave such a lovable character off this list. As a food-loving man with dreams of opening a dumpling shop, Yi Eon only wants the simple life, but his outstanding performance on the civil servant exam lands him squarely in the position of new secret royal inspector. Begrudgingly taking up the role, Yi Eon soon meets Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon), a woman who has boldly taken fate into her own hands by divorcing her loser of a husband. With two such beloved characters teaming up to bring down corrupted government officials, it’s hard not to love this new Taecyeon drama.

Watch the first episode of “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” here:

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So which Taecyeon role tops your list of favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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