Won Jin Ah Shares Her Impression Of Yoo Ah In, How She Prepared For Her “Hellbound” Role, And More

Won Jin Ah recently sat down for an interview to discuss her role in the hit Netflix series “Hellbound”!

Helmed by “Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang Ho, “Hellbound” is a six-part Netflix series set in a world where humans face a frightening supernatural phenomenon: emissaries from hell who appear on Earth without warning and condemn people to hell. Amidst the chaos caused by this terrifying new reality, an emerging religion led by Jung Jin Soo (played by Yoo Ah In) begins to gain popularity, while others desperately search for the truth behind this strange phenomenon.

Won Jin Ah stars in the drama as Song So Hyun, the wife of producing director (PD) Bae Young Jae (played by Park Jung Min). Throughout the drama, she expressed the desperate struggle and motherly love of someone whose own child was condemned to hell.

“Hellbound” has enjoyed worldwide success, climbing to Netflix’s Top 10 list in 59 countries around the world following its release and holding on to the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10 global list for over a week. Won Jin Ah remarked that the achievement was unbelievable to her, adding, “I’m so grateful that so many people watched the series. I’m puzzled but thankful. This was completely unexpected. I’m relieved that so many people enjoyed it, and I hope more people continue to watch it as well.”

Won Jin Ah revealed that when she first looked at the script, it was so appealing that she wanted to take part in it, no matter how small her role. “A completely new world was presented like it really existed, and the director said that it would tell about the world of hell, so I thought that I wanted to try it out,” she commented.”

Won Jin Ah’s character went through a lot of experiences that she herself has not yet had, so acting in the role presented some challenges for her. She said, “I focused a lot on imagining what I would do if I were in that moment. I thought about my child’s days being numbered, but even then it was hard for me to truly bring that to my heart. I had to work with a dummy newborn prop, so I tried to pour my heart into it, as if Toughie really existed.”

Park Jung Min had high praise for Won Jin Ah’s acting, saying that her lines would become a reference for rookie actors to use in their auditions. Won Jin Ah remarked, “I’m honored, especially since when I first participated in auditions and workshops I used Park Jung Min’s lines from ‘Bleak Night.'”


Due to the storyline, Won Jin Ah’s character is one that would be hard to see in the second season. Won Jin Ah commented, “I think the meaning behind Bae Young Jae’s and Song So Hyun’s deaths carries a large impact. It’s important that we see that as a sacrifice. Personally, I hope that their beautiful love will remain through their deaths. As a fan of ‘Hellbound,’ rather than wanting to be reincarnated, I want my end to be the sacrifices I made for love.”

The actress then shared that there was a joke on set about her coming back as a daughter who closely resembled Song So Hyun in the second season. She explained with a laugh, “Since Toughie’s gender isn’t determined, I said that Park Jung Min could show up as a son, or I could show up as a daughter who looks just like her mother. But Yeon Sang Ho said no to both.”

When asked if there was a role she was attached to or wanted to try, Won Jin Ah selected Yoo Ah In’s character Jung Jin Soo as it was a kind of role she had never tried before. She continued by complimenting Yoo Ah In as she said, “Whenever I saw Yoo Ah In on set I thought, ‘He’s really good at moving his body. He’s so amazing and cool.’ I want to try playing a character who has a sense of justice but is also crazy and is good at physical things.”

The interview wrapped up with a question about her overseas activities. Won Jin Ah responded, “There’s still a lot I have to learn in the place where I’m living. I think I need to grab a spot for myself first. As I’m someone who likes having new experiences, if the opportunity comes along it would be good to prepare for it.”

Check out Won Jin Ah in her drama “Melting Me Softly” below!

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