Update: Kep1er’s Xiao Ting And Mashiro Have Fully Recovered From COVID-19

Updated December 26 KST:

Kep1er’s Xiao Ting and Mashiro have recovered from COVID-19.

On December 26, Kep1er’s agency SWING Entertainment announced, “Kep1er members Xiao Ting and Mashiro, who previously tested positive for asymptomatic COVID-19, have been deemed by the health authorities as no longer at risk of spreading the virus. They have completed their period of self-quarantine and have fully recovered from COVID-19.”

Welcome back, Xiao Ting and Mashiro!

Kep1er also released a teaser schedule for their new debut date of January 3. Check it out here!

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Original Article:

Kep1er’s Xiao Ting and Mashiro have tested positive for COVID-19.

On December 14, Kep1er’s agency released the following statement:

This is WAKEONE Entertainment and Swing Entertainment.

We regret to inform you that as of today (December 14), Kep1er members Xiao Ting and Mashiro tested positive for asymptomatic COVID-19.

On December 5, due to the on-site staff’s positive diagnosis for COVID-19, we informed that all members and staff were preemptively tested for COVID-19 and received negative tests.

Since then, we have mandated regular PCR testing as a measure for the health and safety of our artists and staff. In the process, Xiao Ting and Mashiro were notified of positive results for their COVID-19 tests.

Other Kep1er members have tested negative without any signs of symptoms or infection such as fever or respiratory disease. All related staff have also been notified of negative results. Currently, Kep1er has canceled all scheduled events in order to take necessary steps.

Considering the health and safety of our artists and staff as the top priority, we will fully comply with the instructions and procedures set by the authorities.

We will do our best to support Xiao Ting and Mashiro for their recoveries.

We apologize once again to fans and concerned parties for the circumstances.

Wishing Xiao Ting and Mashiro a quick recovery!

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