Kwon Nara’s And Lee Jin Wook’s Paths Could Soon Cross In “Bulgasal”

tvN’s “Bulgasal” has revealed new stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

“Bulgasal” is a new fantasy drama starring Lee Jin Wook as Dan Hwal, a bulgasal (a mythical creature that cannot die or age) who was once human centuries ago. Kwon Nara will star as Min Sang Woon, a woman who is repeatedly reincarnated while fleeing the bulgasal, but remembers all her past lives.


In the first episode, it was revealed that Min Sang Woon was a bulgasal in her past life 600 years ago. At the exact moment when she stabbed Dan Hwal, his soul was absorbed into her body and his pupils turned a shade of violet as he transformed into a bulgasal. With Dan Hwal forced to endure the curse of becoming a bulgasal and Min Sang Woon transforming into a human after taking his soul, it remains to be seen how their lives will carry out in the present day.

With the question of why she wanted to kill Dan Hwal in her past life still lingering, new stills reveal Dan Hwal, who has lived on for 600 yeras, and Min Sang Woon, who has been reincarnated.

In the stills, Dan Hwal wears all black as he tries to conceal his appearance while walking down the street. Meanwhile, Min Sang Woon appears in modern clothes instead of the hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) from her past life. She enters a deserted apartment, observing the desolate environment with a heavy gaze. What special meaning could this place hold for her?

Additionally, Dan Hwal fixes his eyes on something as his face furrows in anger. As he has lived through losing his family and having his soul stolen from him, he lives on only for revenge. Could he have tracked down Min Sang Woon?

The next episode of “Bulgasal” airs on December 19 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Kwon Nara in “Doctor Prisoner” below:

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