Watch: WJSN CHOCOME Saves The Day In MV For Title Track “Super Yuppers!”

Updated January 5 KST:

WJSN CHOCOME has unveiled an adorable music video for their comeback with “Super Yuppers”!

Check it out below!

Updated January 3 KST: 

WJSN CHOCOME has dropped the MV teaser for their comeback with “Super Yuppers!”

Updated January 2 KST: 

WJSN CHOCOME has released the album preview for “Super Yuppers!”

Updated December 26 KST:

WJSN CHOCOME has unveiled the track list for their new single album, “Super Yuppers”!

In addition to the title track, “Super Yuppers,” there is also a song called “Choco Milk.” Both songs were written and co-composed by 2AM’s Changmin.

Updated December 23 KST:

WJSN CHOCOME has released the second round of concept photos for their comeback “Super Yuppers”!

Updated December 22 KST:

WJSN CHOCOME has released their first concept photos for their upcoming comeback with “Super Yuppers”!

Updated December 20 KST: 

WJSN CHOCOME has unveiled a teaser schedule for their upcoming comeback with “Super Yuppers” in January.

Original Article: 

WJSN’s sub-unit WJSN CHOCOME is returning early next year!

On December 19 KST, WJSN announced on social media that their sub-unit CHOCOME would release their second single album, “Super Yuppers,” on January 5, 2022.

WJSN CHOCOME is a four-member subunit of WJSN that includes Luda, Soobin, Dayoung, and Yeoreum. They made their debut in October 2020 as WJSN’s first sub-unit with the single album “Hmph!”.

What are you hoping to see in WJSN CHOCOME’s comeback? Stay tuned for updates!

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