Watch: “My Teen Girl” Announces Rankings From 1st Online Vote + Begins Grade Battle With Covers Of BLACKPINK And aespa

The latest episode of MBC’s “My Teen Girl” featured the results of the program’s first online vote!

“My Teen Girl” is an audition show where the final top 7 contestants will debut in a new girl group. Yoon Kyun Sang is the MC, and the students are divided into Grades 1-4 by age, with each class having its own homeroom teacher: either Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Aiki, (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon, or Ock Joo Hyun.

On the December 19 broadcast of “My Teen Girl,” the rankings from the first online vote were revealed, and the contestants began their “midterm” exam, in which each grade competed against another. In the previous episode, it was decided that Grade 1 would go up against Grade 2, and Grade 3 against Grade 4. While students were initially told all 16 contestants could perform in this round, it was belatedly revealed that six students would be eliminated before the performance.


At the end of last week’s episode, Yuri, the homeroom teacher of the Grade 2 class, eliminated contestant Lee Seungeun and saved Lee Jiwon. However, due to viewers’ confusion over the judging criteria, the producers gave another look into the decision-making process to ensure that there were no misunderstandings.

In previously unaired footage of the teachers discussing which contestant to save, Yuri praised Lee Seung Eun by saying, “Seung Eun is a go-getter. During Round 1, I didn’t pick Seung Eun. She doesn’t stand out when she’s in a crowd. However, she has grit and determination. She also has a cute image as well. Since she has talent and charisma, she’s someone who will survive no matter what.”

However, vocal trainer Young Ji explained that they also had to consider the opinion of the public. She repeatedly pointed out that Lee Jiwon looked like she would have the ability to garner the public’s attention and added, “That’s not something you can teach.”

In the following interview, Yuri further explained, “Since we were thinking about whether these 10 girls could form one team, stand on stage as one girl group, and captivate their audience, we focused on the combination of the members, their individual positions, and whether these students would be able to carry out their roles well. At first, I also really liked Lee Seung Eun and chose to pass her because of her charms and skills, but after discussing with the teachers who have trained [the students] for a long time and have seen more of them than I have, we came to this decision.”

Later on, the remaining three classes had to complete their eliminations. From the Grade 3 class, Shin Yeseul, Choi Yunju, Kim Lina, Koo Hyunkyoung, Kim Jiyeon, and Kim Nahyun were eliminated.

Among the Grade 4 students, Jeon Youeun, Go Taehui, Kang Minji, Lee Hayoung, and Choe Sumin were eliminated. The final eliminated student was Jo Yujeong, who had been brought back in the previous episode after being eliminated in round one. Regarding Jo Yujeong, homeroom teacher Jeon Soyeon explained, “There was a reason Yoo Jung was brought back, but it felt like she wasn’t improving.”

During the evaluations for the Grade 1 class, homeroom teacher Aiki explained, “I think we’ll need a stable vocalist.” Ultimately, the students eliminated were Kim Jungyun, Kim Minsol, Lee Siyul, Kim Minjoo, Ko Eunchae, and Park Haneum. Aiki explained in an interview, “This is so cruel, but they were eliminated because they met me. If they had been with another teacher, these friends could’ve passed through different criteria. I am taking a chance here. I will make the Grade 1 students like a car that has a bomb planted within.”

With only 40 students remaining, the results of the first online vote were revealed. The seven spots of the debut lineup will be divided up amongst the four grades depending on each grade’s results over the course of the show, and MC Yoon Kyun Sang announced that the the first spot in the lineup would be given to the grade to which the winner of the first online vote belongs.

Check out the rankings from the first online vote below!

1. Kim Hyunhee (Grade 3)
2. Kim Yunseo (Grade 3)
3. Kim Yooyeon (Grade 4)
4. Kim Riwon (Grade 2)
5. Kim Seonyou (Grade 1)
6. Park Boeun (Grade 1)
7. Won Jimin (Grade 2)
8. Myung Hyungseo (Grade 4)
9. Minami (Grade 2)
10. Lee Youngchae (Grade 2)
11. Choi Yoonjung (Grade 3)
12. Lee Jiwoo (Grade 3)
13. Yoon Chaewon (Grade 4)
14. Kim Suhye (Grade 3)
15. Lee Taerim (Grade 3)
16. Lee Mihee (Grade 4)
17. Oh Yoojin (Grade 1)
18. Oh Jieun (Grade 3)
19. Lee Jiwon (Grade 2)
20. Choi Soobin (Grade 1)
21. Bohme Sara (Grade 1)
22. Kim Hari (Grade 4)
23. Hong Hyeju (Grade 4)
24. Park Hyolim (Grade 3)
25. Kim Subeen (Grade 1)
26. Jung Yuju (Grade 1)
27. Ju Hyorin (Grade 2)
28. Choi Sarang (Grade 2)
29. Yoon Seungju (Grade 1)
30. Lee Yumin (Grade 4)
31. Ryou Jayhyun (Grade 3)
32. Sung Minchae (Grade 1)
33. Kim Inhye (Grade 4)
34. Song Yerim (Grade 4)
35. Cho Sui (Grade 2)
36. Takei Karina (Grade 2)
37. Kim Dasom (Grade 4)
38. Jung Siwoo (Grade 1)
39. Park Hyowon (Grade 2)
40. Kim Minji (Grade 3)

Afterwards, Grade 3 and Grade 4 went up against each other for the first battle of the midterm exam. Grade 3 went first, putting on a powerful performance of BLACKPINK‘s “Pretty Savage,” while Grade 4 performed aespa‘s “Black Mamba.”

Following their performances, they competed in a dance battle, with 105 audience members casting votes.

While the Grade 3 contestants received a total of 492 points, Grade 4 won the round with 634 points.

After their group performances, the students with the most points from each grade were picked to compete in an “ace battle.” The students with the lowest points from each grade were put up for elimination, and the student from whichever grade lost would be sent home. Among the Grade 2 students, No. 1 was Choi Yoonjung and No. 10 was Kim Minji. In the Grade 4 class, No. 1 was Yoon Chaewon, and No. 10 was Kim Dasom. As the two aces, Choi Yoonjung and Yoon Chaewon both gave impressive performances of Hwasa‘s “TWIT.” Check out their battle below!

Including the ace battle, Grade 3’s total score was revealed to be 1012 points. Grade 4’s total will be revealed in next week’s episode.

MBC’s “My Teen Girl” airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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