Lee Jin Wook And Lee Joon Talk About Working Together On “Bulgasal” And More

Actors Lee Jin Wook and Lee Joon showed off their bromance in their photoshoot and interview for Cosmopolitan!

Both actors separately sat down with Cosmopolitan to talk about their new drama “Bulgasal” and more.

The interview first began with Lee Joon, who touched on why he chose “Bulgasal” as his first drama after returning from his military service. The actor stated, “This drama has a fantasy element to it and involves the idea of karma. I actually really like any fantasy works that involve mystical creatures. I really enjoyed watching ‘Sweet Home’ so I have always wanted to try acting in a drama like this, which involves a lot of CGI and monsters. When it comes to ‘Bulgasal,’ I didn’t care about how much airtime I got, I immediately decided to do the drama after I saw my character first appearing in a scene.”

Lee Joon then went on to talk about what he thinks the director saw in him during his audition for “Bulgasal.” Lee Joon mentioned how he thought that he actually flopped the audition and did it weirdly but the director believed in him and thought he could do well. He added that the director allows him to fool around on set and shoot comfortably. He also revealed an interesting fact about his acting in this drama which is that he actually ad-libs over 30 percent of his lines and that he is the only member of the cast to do so.

The interviewer then asked Lee Joon about Lee Jin Wook and whether there were any funny memories the two made together while filming the drama. Lee Joon responded, “We were always a bit sensitive because we shot a lot of difficult and uncomfortable scenes together. For example, there was a scene where we were barefoot with our clothes all ripped crying and hanging off of something. There were a lot of line and extreme emotions we had to display so that was a tough scene to shoot. Jin Wook also had many scenes where he had to strongly express sadness and anger. I think we looked out for each other because we both didn’t have any normal scenes to shoot. this drama also involves a lot of special effects, we couldn’t even breathe in one scene where the set was on fire so we didn’t really have time to joke around. We would have had more fun shooting if we had met on another type of drama.”

Lee Joon concluded his interview by commenting on what he has been up to since he finished his military service. He talked about how contrary to what everyone thinks, he has actually been working nonstop since he finished his military service and that it only seems to not be the case because all the dramas he was been working on are only now being released. The actor stated, “I have been working on this other Netflix drama ‘The Silent Sea’ since 2019 and there have been times where I was so busy working that I couldn’t go home for two weeks.” The actor then amusingly mentioned an instance where someone asked him why he has not been acting in anything these days to which he responded with, “But I am acting?” Lee Joon then cleared up any misunderstandings and said that both dramas he has been working on involved a lot of CGI and post-production work which is why they took so long to prepare for release.

The interviewer then moved on to interviewing actor Lee Jin Wook and asking about his chemistry with his fellow cast while filming “Bulgasal” to which the actor responded, “I shot the most amount of scenes with Kwon Nara, who was great to work with. We both have a similar sense of humor so there was even a point where we couldn’t hold back our laughter and got yelled at while filming. I even had to tell Nara once to look at the floor when I was shooting my scenes because I couldn’t hold back my laughter when I looked at her. Actress Gong Seung Yeon is also a very dear friend of mine. She has a great voice and is quite elegant so she fits historical dramas very well. In the beginning of the drama we appear as an unhappy married couple but our chemistry was so good while filming together that I even joked around about shooting scenes where we were happily married instead.”

Lee Jin Wook also commented on his chemistry acting with Lee Joon to which they both had a similar response, “I didn’t get to see Joon that much and we always only shot gruesome scenes together. we appear as enemies in the drama so we always fight each other in our scenes. I think that’s why we also instinctively didn’t get closer to each other. We we considerate of each other’s acting process by staying out of each other’s way which is think is an interesting new kind of acting rapport. We didn’t exactly bond and become close friends but I guess the kind of chemistry you had with your enemy is quite different.”

The interviewer also asked Lee Jin Wook about his recent activity on social media and how it was surprising to see the actor’s deep interest in street fashion. Lee Jin Wook responded by saying how he has always been into street fashion but that it has not been a well known fact about him until he began using social media. The actor commented, “People seem to picture me as more old-fashioned, as if I would only wear slacks and a dress shirt. Or that I would have more of a dandy fashion sense and only wear cotton pants.”

Lee Jin Wook had previously posted an image of his impressive sneaker collection which became a hot topic amongst his fans. The actor remarked on that by saying, “I’m actually a huge Nike sneaker-head. I built up my collection for a long time and collecting sneakers is one of my biggest pleasures.”

Both actors then closed off their interviews with a final word to their viewers ahead of the new year.

Lee Joon stated, “‘Bulgasal’ and ‘The Silent Sea’ will be released around the same time, so I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on which one of these two dramas marks my return to the screen. ‘The Silent Sea’ will be released on Christmas Eve while ‘Bulgasal’ will air on December 18.”

On the other hand, actor Lee Jin Wook stated, “I hope everyone spends a lot of time the upcoming year reflecting and learning to love themselves. I realize as time goes on that that is quite essential for happiness and for self-development. It is a bit of a difficult and vague thing to create happiness but I think focusing on the small things surrounding us that make us feel happy is a much better way to remain positive. I hope everyone spends this upcoming year focusing on their happiness.”

Check out Lee Jin Wook in “Return” with subtitles here!

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