Key Points To Look Forward To In The 2nd Half Of “School 2021”

KBS 2TV’s “School 2021” is already halfway through!

“School 2021,” the long-awaited eighth installment of KBS’s popular “School” drama series, tells the story of high school students struggling with an uncertain future and choosing to follow their dreams instead of just preparing for college entrance exams.

Below are three key points to look forward to in the upcoming episodes:


Growing romance between Gong Ki Joon and Jin Ji Won

Although Gong Ki Joon (WEi’s Kim Yo Han) and Jin Ji Won (Cho Yi Hyun) had an uncomfortable start, they gradually developed a special atmosphere while stealing glances at each other. In particular, Gong Ki Joon and Jin Ji Won began to spend a lot of time together after coming to live under the same roof, and they started to realize the strong feelings they have for one another.

With the two students growing closer, viewers felt their hearts flutter when Jin Ji Won directly confessed, “I think I like you,” making Gong Ki Joon thoroughly shocked and raising anticipation for their upcoming romance.

Complicated relationship between Gong Ki Joon, Jin Ji Won, Jung Young Joo, and Kang Seo Young

After Jung Young Joo (Chu Young Woo) transferred to Nulji Science and Technology High School, he didn’t care about the terrible rumor following him, but he did open his heart to Jin Ji Won who approached him. Later, Jung Young Joo began to smile while thinking about Jin Ji Won and preciously kept the chocolate she had gifted him, causing a misunderstanding from his family as well.

Eventually, Jung Young Joo could no longer hide his growing feelings for Jin Ji Won and shocked viewers by wanting to end the fake relationship he had with Kang Seo Young (Hwang Bo Reum Byeol). With Jung Young Joo’s presence growing in Kang Seo Young’s heart, viewers are curious to find out what the sudden breakup could mean for their relationship.

The eventful classroom at Nulji Science and Technology High School

Another interesting point in the drama is the diverse stories of the second year students at Nulji Science and Technology High School. Amidst the blooming romance between Ji Ho Sung (Kim Kang Min) and Go Eun Bi (Seo Hee Sun), Ji Ho Sung continues to receive endless phone calls that could potentially shake up their relationship.

Furthermore, Lee Jae Hee (Yoon Yi Rae) joined the new project group in order to make friends. However, Lee Jae Hyuk (Lee Sang Joon) seemed to disapprove of this and provided a clue to discovering the real culprit behind the flower pot incident.

“School 2021” is captivating viewers with its energetic yet warm atmosphere through the small everyday moments of students. Along with the skilled acting from the cast and refreshing directing, “School 2021” will continue to impress with its diverse and intriguing stories of youth and romance.

“School 2021” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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