JYP’s New Band Xdinary Heroes Opens Up About Music, Auditions, And More In 1st-Ever Magazine Pictorial

JYP Entertainment’s new band Xdinary Heroes will be lighting up the pages of 1st Look with their first-ever magazine pictorial!

Xdinary Heroes, who just made their highly-anticipated debut this month with the single “Happy Death Day,” introduced themselves by posing for a stylish pictorial for the magazine’s upcoming issue.

In the post-shoot interview, each of the six members sat down to talk about their hobbies, love of music, and more.

When asked how he wound up joining Xdinary Heroes, O.de revealed, “I used to do a sport called cross country, but I got injured. I took my mom’s advice and enrolled at an applied music academy. I wound up auditioning for JYP Entertainment, and I got in.”

Meanwhile, when asked which of his facial features he was most proud of, Jooyeon replied, “The area between my eyebrows, and my sharp jawline. My sharp jawline used to be a complex for me, but the people around me said it looks manly, so now I’m very happy with it.”

He went on to add, “I’m on the athletic side: I get the hang of sports pretty quickly, and I’m confident in my running.”

As for how the members of Xdinary Heroes like to spend their free time, Jungsu shared, “The members like gaming. These days, we’ve gotten into Pokemon GO. There are lots of Pokemons at Olympic Park or even our dorm, so we’ve been diligently catching them.”

On a more personal note, leader Gunil remarked, “I like salty and tasty snacks that are both sweet and salty at the same time, and because I like to stick to the basics, I prefer snacks that have been popular for a long time. These days, I’m having fun analyzing and teaching people about MBTI [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] personality types. By the way, I’m an ENFJ.”

When asked what music meant to them, Gaon replied, “Community. Through music, everyone all over the world can share their thoughts and opinions, regardless of nationality. Music is a cultural melting pot through which all of us become one.”

Meanwhile, Jun Han answered the same question by saying, “I was an ordinary student, but music changed my life. To me, music is both the turning point and love of my life. We’re facing a tough challenge ahead, but my goal is clear. I want to make music for a long time.”

Xdinary Heroes’ pictorial will be released in the new issue of 1st Look magazine on December 30. In the meantime, check out their debut music video here!

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