Jung Ilhoon Shares Handwritten Apology After His Marijuana Appeal Trial

Following the conclusion of his recent appeal trial, Jung Ilhoon has shared a personal apology regarding his marijuana case.

On December 24, the former BTOB member took to Instagram to address the results of his trial from last week, in which his original sentence for violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc. was reduced.

In his first post in over a year, Jung Ilhoon apologized profusely for his illegal use of marijuana and thanked his fans for waiting so long for a personal statement.

Jung Ilhoon’s full letter is as follows:

Hello, this is Jung Ilhoon.

Over the past few years, during my investigation and trial period, as well as the time I was imprisoned, I was able to look back on my life while reflecting painfully on it, all the way down to my bones.

I’m incredibly sorry to be apologizing so late to those who have given me love, but even though it is very late, I’m writing this from my heart.

Regardless of the reason, because I am so deeply aware that my act of breaking the law cannot be justified by any words, I think it is only right for me to be criticized. I am truly sorry that, through my wrongdoings, I inflicted a deep wound in your hearts.

Because I feel like the love and memories that I was able to give all of you, and that you were able to give me, have been tarnished by my wrongdoings, I am full of regret, and I am so ashamed of my foolish self.

I am well aware of the meaning of the results of my latest trial. As much as I have caused harm to our society, and as much as I have disappointed those who believed in me, I promise you now through this letter that I will work that much harder to live an upright life and try not to hurt anyone ever again.

It was only after I caused many precious people to leave my side due to my wrongdoings that I realized far too late, but all too deeply, how I should live and how I need to change my attitude towards life.

Once again, I promise you through this letter that I will take care of myself and my surroundings so that I am able to always make the right choice in any given situation, and I will be especially careful not to make the same mistake again.

I sincerely thank the people who have been waiting for my personal statement for a long time. I will do my utmost to become a better person, so that I never wound the people who were hurt by me ever again.

Once again, I am truly sorry.

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