10 Female Solo Bops That Slayed This Year

When you think about K-pop, a surge of talented artists instantly comes to mind. This year, female soloists have proven themselves yet again by bringing their A game. They introduced new music to the world, and it only takes one listen to realize that they are indeed born to slay. In no particular order, here are a handful of solo bops by 10 of many female soloists who slayed this year.

1. f(x)’s Luna – “Madonna”

Nearly three years since her last single, Luna makes a comeback with this flamboyant ode to Madonna. Fierce, chaotic, and confident, the artist released her truest self through the lyrics and choreography. The track sends a message of self-love and pride and further highlights her reestablished passion towards singing.

2. IU – “strawberry moon”

Every time IU makes a comeback, we’re in for a mesmerizing serenade. In “strawberry moon,” the clip is magical just like most of her visuals are, and the lyrics send listeners on a virtual trip under the moonlight as they enjoy the love story she’s singing so softly about. IU’s comebacks are a huge success every single year, and naturally, this one is no different.


This was Lalisa Manobal’s first year as a soloist, and she sure knew how to make it memorable. The rapper chose to pay homage to none other than herself in this epic pop track, where she shows different sides of herself and doesn’t forget her Thai heritage. With a flawless flow and swaggy choreography, Lisa is here to stay.

4. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – “I’m a B”

Hwasa has been releasing hit after hit as part of her solo career, and this one easily finds its way on the list. If you listen to the song, you’ll realize that the “B” stands for badass, and she knows exactly how to embrace that side of herself. As always, the artist never shies away from telling off the haters and standing her ground.

5. Chungha – “Killing Me”

Chungha’s 2021 has been busy, and she keeps killing us with her stellar music. For instance, this song sends us on a paradoxical journey where hope and despair keep clashing in a seemingly fruitless relationship. Nonetheless, the singer gathers her courage to put an end to this toxicity and break the vicious cycle, eventually freeing herself in the process.

6. Jessi – “Cold Blooded”

Honestly, Jessi’s style needs no introduction. Whatever she does, her savagery is all over it. Her latest statement is delivered through “Cold Blooded,” where she gives her antis a piece of her mind and sets the record straight about who Jessi really is. The cherry on top? This insane choreography by “Street Woman Fighter” is simply jaw-dropping.

7. Lee Hi – “Red Lipstick” (feat. Yoon Mi Rae)

Ever since Lee Hi signed with AOMG, fans have been blessed with her music in abundance. “Red Lipstick” is but one of her many bops that has captured the audience with its retro vibe and dance-inviting lyrics. Add the cinematography to the mix, and you have yourself the best of throwbacks to the good ol’ days of music.

8. CL – “SPICY”

Technically, CL’s entire album “ALPHA” deserves to be listed, but we will stick with “SPICY” for this feature. CL’s long-awaited comeback has finally seen the light of day, and suddenly it was like she has never even left the scene in the first place. This saucy track contains the essence of CL as a person and an artist, and it invites the audience to get a taste they’ll never forget.

9. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “Weekend”

Taeyeon gave 2021 exactly what it needed: a weekend jam. This chill track is an absolute mood, and it depicts exactly how you should spend your time off. This one can either be part of your lazy days playlist or as an alarm during your work days in order to get you hyped for the end of the week. Either way, it slaps!

10. (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon – “BEAM BEAM”

Soyeon has come a long way since her solo debut, and it truly shows in her music. Being a producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter, slaying is basically in this young lady’s blood. “BEAM BEAM” introduces her alter ego Windy, who is a more laidback version of Soyeon. It’s always refreshing to see artists put their true selves in their music.

Which female soloist do you think slayed this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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